Schedule or Delete Repeating Appointments

Healthie's Calendar enables you to create both one-time and recurring appointments. You are able to select the specific interval that you'd like appointments to be created. This functionality extends to both individual and group appointments. 

Set an Appointment to Recur

From the calendar tab of your Healthie Provider Account, you'll see a blue button to "Add Appointment." You can also click anywhere on your calendar as well to schedule an appointment. 

In the appointment details, check the box "Repeating Appointment

Repeat Interval:

  • Weekly 
  • Biweekly 
  • Monthly 
  • Every 4 weeks

Repeat Times: 

  • Choose the number of times you'd like this appointment to recur

Note: Repeating appointments will only create the first appointment immediately, and it will take a few minutes for all following repeating appointments to populate. Then, refresh the page to see all appointments.

Delete a Recurring Appointment

A recurring appointment can be deleted by opening the session details for the appointment within the Calendar. A side panel will appear > click the trash icon. You'll have a chance to confirm before the session is deleted. 

A modal will appear asking you to confirm if you'd like to delete the one instance of the appointment, or all future recurring sessions. 

If you delete the singe sessions session, it will be removed from your calendar, removed from the client's calendar, and the client will be notified.1 credit will be restored for Mary if the status of the session is marked as "Cancelled" or "No-Show". To update this setting click here. You can also manually update credits by going to the credits section in the overview tab of the client's profile.If you don't want the session to be removed from your calendar, set the Session Status as "Cancelled."

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