Add a Custom Insurance Policy to Client's Profile

Account admins to add a custom insurance policy directly to the account's insurance settings, or as part of a workflow, by adding the policy directly to the client's profile. This options allows an insurance policy to be added, and billed, if it does not already exist in Healthie's database of insurance plans. 

A custom insurance policy can now be added directly from a client's profile: 

Actions > Client Info > Insurance 

When searching for the policy name, if no results are found, an option to "add a new insurance policy" will appear. A side panel will display for providers or account admins to complete the requested information. Once added, the custom policy will be stored in your account's insurance plans database, and can be applied to other clients who may also have this insurer. 

For accuracy, and to decrease the chance of denial, please ensure that the insurer name and payer ID is added exactly as it appears on the client's insurance card.

Optionally, the insurance plan can also be addd to your list of accepted policies, which will make it an available option for other clients to select moving forward. 

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