Insurance Settings & Adding Custom Insurance Policies

Healthie is designed to be highly customizable, with dozens of settings that can be managed for your account, including insurance preferences. Manage your insurance, CMS 1500 claim, and Superbill settings. 


Insurance Settings

Settings (gear icon top-right) > Insurance

Enable or disable key insurance settings for your account, including: 

Note: if you disable insurance settings AFTER creating a claim or Superbill, no client data will be lost. You'll have the ability to enable these settings once again, and can review past created forms. 

Billing Providers

Additionally, you can add and manage Billing Providers for your account. 

Add a Custom Insurance Policy 

If an insurance payer does not appear in the Healthie database for payers, you can (optionally) add an insurer as a custom policy. 

Insurance Settings > Custom Policies > Add Policy

And aside tab will display, with prompts to add the following information:

  • Insurance Name
  • Payer ID 
  • Optionally add the policy as an accepted policy (see below) 

Click "Add New Insurance Policy" to add your custom policy.

Alternatively, a custom insurance plan can be added directly to a client's profile

Accepted Insurance Policies

You'll also have the option to add Accepted Policies to your settings. When creating an insurance claim, when selecting the client's insurance from the drop-down list, at the top, you'll see the payers that you're currently in network with and have added to your "Accepted Policies" list 

Get Ready to Accept Insurance 

If you're going through the motions of setting your account up so you may accept insurance, you may find this Healthie guide helpful. We walk through some best practices in getting your account ready for client onboarding and insurance processing. 

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