Accepted Insurance Policies

Healthie's CMS 1500 platform makes it easy for you to create CMS 1500 claims and submit them (electronically or physically) to an insurance company for reimbursement for services. 

To save time during the billing process, and make it easy for clients to indicate their insurance policy, you can build out a  list of accepted insurance policies. During the claim creation process, when selecting an insurance policy from the CMS 1500 drop down, your list of accepted policies will be featured at the top of all possible insurance policies. Moreover, when clients complete their insurance information form, your accepted policies will show. 

Add an accepted insurance policy 

To add a policy to your list of accepted plans: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Insurance 
  • Under the "Accepted Policies" section > Click "Add Policy" 
  • Search for your policy by plan name or number. You can select multiple plans at once. 
  • Click "Add to Accepted" 

Note: You can remove any plan by clicking the trash icon next to the policy name on your list. 

Don't see your insurance payer on the list? Email us with the payer name and payer ID to have the payer added. 

Selecting insurance policy within a claim 

Once you've added your accepted policies to your settings, when you create a new claim, you'll see that your accepted policies now appear at the TOP of the insurance payer list. This allows you to quickly select your plan, but still allows you access to all payer plans if needed. 

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