Client Credits: FAQs

Healthie's Credit System makes it easy to track how many sessions a client has purchased and has remaining at any given time. In Healthie, one credit equals one session, for a specific appointment type, that a client could book with you.

This article addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about booking with credits, along with some troubleshooting tips. 

How can I track my client's credit history? 

Within the Client's Profile in Healthie, there is a section dedicated to Credit. Clicking on a specific Credit within their profile will show a detailed history of how the client earned/used credits for a specific appointment type. 

  • Negative credits mean that a client has booked an appointment with you, without having Credits in their account since your settings allow for it. We review "negative credits" in more detail below. 
  • Credit stems from the number of appointment sessions you have added to a particular package. 

Why was my client able to book without credits? 

Client did have credits for a specific appointment

Clients earn credits by purchasing packages that include appointments. Check to see which client packages your client has purchased, and review each included appointment item. The client's credit history (outlined above) can be helpful in tracking down how/when the client earned a credit. If you've archived or deleted a client package, the clients credits are not dismissed. 

Client booked a session outside of Healthie

If you share a URL or embed link to your calendar outside of Healthie (ie. on your website) clients will be able to book appointments via share links even if they do not have credits. This is due to Healthie being unable to identify the client as existing/not existing until the point of submission. As an alternative, many businesses will only share a link to their new client related appointments (ie. Discovery Call, Initial Consultation, etc) on their website. And instead, require existing clients to book appointments sessions like Follow-Ups when logged into their account. Follow the steps outlined here to generate a link for specific appointments.  

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