Share a Link to Your Calendar or Appointment for Online Booking

You can use Healthie's shareable calendar as a link (URL) for clients to book online appointments.  

This is useful, for example, if you:

  • Do not yet have a website for your business
  • Want to send prospective (or existing) clients a LINK to book with you 
  • Want to add a "Book with me" BUTTON to your website

When you use this URL, prospective clients will be added to your Healthie account, and you will be notified that a client has booked with you. As with all entry points into Healthie, clients will then be prompted to set a password and complete any intake forms that you have set up for them to complete. 

How to share your calendar link with clients

Healthie allows you to easily copy a URL link for your calendar, which you can then share with clients either in an email, in your email signature, a newsletter, your website, a landing page, or via chat. As a scheduling tool, this link will then display all of your current appointment types (that you've enabled clients to book) and will allow clients to select their appointment type, find a date/time, and provide their contact details. 

To obtain your calendar URL link: 

  • Navigate to the "Calendar" tab in your Healthie menu 
  • Below the left-hand calendar, you'll see a "Share Calendar" link 
  • Click "Copy" and then paste your link where you desire 

This will become your personalized URL for clients to use.

Sharing Link for Specific Appointment(s)

Healthie makes it easy to share your calendar or embed it directly on your website for easy online appointment booking. However, there may be instances where you only want to share the link to a specific appointment (ie. you'd like to have a direct link to your "Discovery Call" appointment type only for marketing purposes) 

It's easy to get a sharing or embed link for any appointment-type that you offer. 

To get your appointment booking link navigate to Calendar > More > Share & Embed

From here, you'll be able to select which provider(s) you'd like associated with the appointment booking link, and which appointment(s) to include. Select "Add to Website" for an embed code or "Sharing Link" for a shareable URL link. 

Sharing links can be used to in emails, messages, in newsletters, on your website (and so much more). Leveraging these links will allow you to offer easy online booking for new leads and existing clients. 

Here is a provide example of how a sharing link can be used on a website: 

Or you can be specific, and use links that correspond to specific appointment types. Use the sharing link that you create in Healthie with your web designer, or self-add it the buttons on your website.

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Additional notes

  • At this time, it is not possible to customize the URL of your calendar link unless you are on one of our organization-level plans. If you are interested in tailoring this URL to match your business brand, please message our support or e-mail
  • Need more help with learning how to share your calendar and enable online client booking? Send us a message at to connect with our Customer Success team. 
  • If you use the Client Credits System via Healthie, clients will be able to book appointments via share links even if they do not have credits. This is due to Healthie being unable to identify the client as existing/not existing until the point of submission. As an alternative, many businesses will only share a link to their new client related appointments (ie. Discovery Call, Initial Consultation, etc) on their website. And instead, require existing clients to book appointments sessions like Follow-Ups when logged into their account. Follow the steps outlined above to generate a sharing link for only specific appointments. 
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