Use Healthie's calendar as a URL

You can use Healthie's shareable calendar as a link (URL) for clients to book online appointments.  

This is useful, for example, if you:

  • Do not yet have a website for your business
  • Want to send prospective (or existing) clients a LINK to book with you 
  • Want to add a "Book with me" BUTTON to your website

When you use this URL, prospective clients will be added to your Healthie account, and you will be notified that a client has booked with you. As with all entry points into Healthie, clients will then be prompted to set a password and complete any intake forms that you have set up for them to complete. 


    How to share your calendar link with clients

    Healthie allows you to easily copy a URL link for your calendar, which you can then share with clients either in an email, in your email signature, a newsletter, your website, a landing page, or via chat. As a scheduling tool, this link will then display all of your current appointment types (that you've enabled clients to book) and will allow clients to select their appointment type, find a date/time, and provide their contact details. 

    To obtain your calendar URL link: 

    • Navigate to the "Calendar" tab in your Healthie menu 
    • Below the left-hand calendar, you'll see a "Share Calendar" link 
    • Click "Copy" and then paste your link where you desire 

    This will become your personalized URL for clients to use.

    If you would like a specific URL for each specific Appointment Type, please e-mail, and we will send you your specific appointment type URL.

  • Clients will only see appointment times based on the availability you have set. You can add or adjust your availability by following the instructions here
  • You can use websites like rename and shorten the link as you share this URL on newsletters, bulletins, handouts, etc. Bitly is a URL redirect service that makes it easy to shorten URLs for an easier experience typing the URLs into browsers.   

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Additional notes

  • At this time, it is not possible to customize the URL of this link unless you are on one of our organization-level plans. If you are interested in tailoring this URL to match your business brand, please message our support or e-mail

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