E-Rx: Place Orders for Supplies

Healthie's integration with DoseSpot for E-Prescribing enables providers to place orders for medications, compound medications, and supplies. These orders are electronically submitted to the patient's pharmacy, or can be printed for the patient to self-fulfill. 

Place an Order for a Supply

Search for a supply by typing in the name of the medication. An autocomplete drop-down will be triggered if the provider enters a string of three or more characters. Select the supply from the autocomplete drop-down list. This will automatically load Step 2 of the workflow.

If the supply does not appear in the autocomplete drop-down, enter the supply as a free-text entry and click “Next” to go to Step 2. 

Note: Provider has the option to select a diagnosis for the prescription to search for related supplies. The provider also has the option to select a supply from the “My Favorites” list, if the provider has any saved prescription favorites. This will bring the provider to Step 2 of the workflow with the saved prescription details. 

Providers should complete the prompts in Step 2 

When complete > Save Prescription

Once Saved, the supply will show as a Pending Medication. The provider can Approve and Send, or Approve and Print. 

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