Getting Started: E-Rx

Healthie offers a E-Rx integration with Dosespot as an add-on to your Healthie plan, which enables clinical providers to prescribe medications electronically on behalf of their patients. Here is an overview of E-Rx and Healthie

Optionally, qualifying providers can also be given permissions to prescribe controlled substances.


Enable E-Rx within your account

There is an approval process from Healthie's Integration partner, DoseSpot / Surescripts, in order to set up E-Rx within Healthie. Verification of your professional credentials will be required. In order to get started, please complete our E-Rx Application Form with your business & personal information. Please indicate if you would like your team members to have prescribing access, or proxy access as you complete the form. 

Once your application is received, it will be sent to DoseSpot for review and approval, which typically takes 3-5 business days. Our team will contact you once approval has been received, if there are outstanding questions, and to let you know when E-Rx has been enabled on your account. 

Here is a Dosespot Guide to help you learn more about leveraging Dosespot in your clinic, and how Dosespot directly integrates with Surescripts to populate patient information. 

Access E-Rx 

When you have been approved by DoseSpot to E-prescribe via Healthie, you will see a new box "E-PRESCRIPTIONS" within the Overview Section of each patient profile. 
Note: Only the prescribing provider or established Proxy members will be able to see the E-Rx box within the provider portal.

Note: Basic patient information is required in order to create an E-Rx for a patient. This includes: 
  • Email address
  • Valid phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Street address
If you are missing this information for a specific patient, the "Add and Manage Prescription" button will appear inactive. You can add this information by navigating to the "Actions" tab. 

Place an E-Rx order

To place an E-Rx order for a patient, click on " Add and Manage Prescriptions"
Then, click "Add Prescription" > Search for a medication  > Complete the on screen field details

Note: the "Patient Reported" button allows you to add a medication that is self reported by the patient. This option will add the self-reported medication to an "Active Medications" list within "Manage Prescriptions" section (a forthcoming update will display this information on the Patient's Profile page within Healthie).  

Patient details 

Within the " Manage Prescriptions" section of your patient's profile, you'll see relevant patient details that you can manage or add, including: 

  • Add and send a new prescription 
  • Check a patient’s insurance eligibility and formulary information 
  • Review medication history 
  • Add patient reported medications 
  • Add patient drug allergies** 
  • Add a preferred pharmacy
  • A list of active and inactive medications (with ability to adjust the statuses of each medication) 
  • Medication history 

Preferred Pharmacy(ies)

In order to submit an e-Rx to your patient's pharmacy for fulfillment, a pharmacy must be selected as a "Preferred Pharmacy." 

Each client can have a preferred pharmacy saved so that it’s easily assigned to future e-prescriptions. You can set this within the E-Rx portal and are in the viewing area when putting together a prescription for a client. 
Tip: A note can be added for a pharmacy when creating a prescription: 

Can't locate your patient's preferred pharmacy? 

More than 95% of the nation's pharmacies are enabled for electronic prescribing including all of the major drug store chains (i.e. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc.). On occasion you may search for a pharmacy within DoseSpot and no results are provided. This may be due to a number of reasons, but the most important thing to understand is that if a pharmacy is not within DoseSpot then an electronic prescription cannot be sent to that pharmacy. Please proceed to print the prescription instead.

Alternatively, you can request that your pharmacy be added to SureScripts pharmacy database. Please send an email to with the name, address, and phone number of the pharmacy you would like to add. Healthie will place a request to add the pharmacy to the database, and it should be available to select in 1-2 business days. 

Patient Drug Allergies

Healthie's EHR feature enables providers to collect and document patient allergy information. At this time, however, allergy details will need to be referenced separately, and/or manually added into the "Patient Details" of the e-prescribing portal. 

Patient allergy information can be reference by navigating to Patient Profile > Actions > Allergies/Sensitivities

You may find it convenient to have the patient "Allergies" tab open in a separate browser tab, while placing a prescription order. 

**A note on patient insurance** 

Based on a patient's insurance plan that might be on record on the DoseSpot side, when a provider is putting together an e-prescription, there will be an indicator if the selected drug is on that patient's formulary or not. Patient insurance information does not currently push directly from Healthie into DoseSpot -- however, providers can update a patient's profile during the prescription ordering/management process as needed. 

There are a few statuses that could appear regarding insurance & prescription availability: 

  • Non-Formulary: Prescription drugs that are not on a plan’s formulary.
  • On Formulary/Non-Preferred: Non-formulary drugs are often covered by the health plan, but at a higher patient copay.
  • On Formulary/Preferred: (Higher number = More preferred)
  • Non-Reimbursable: Non-Reimbursable are Prescription drugs that the patient’s health plan will not pay for.
  • U: Unknown Status

If the medication selected is non-formulary or not preferred, the provider will be shown alternative medications that are preferred under that patient's formulary plan. 

Below is an example of what this looks like:

Manage E-Rx

Once an order is placed, it will appear in the "E-PRESCRIPTIONS" tab of your patient's Healthie profile. The following details will display for each E-Rx order: 
  • Medication name and dosage 
  • Date ordered 
  • Number of refills ordered
  • Pharmacy status (if they have received & verified the E-Rx order). The DoseSpot prescription status terminology includes:  
    • Entered: prescription has been added, and is now in the patient's "pending" medication list within DoseSpot. 
    • Active: a prescription record has been created within the DoseSpot system. This happens simultaneously as the prescription is entered, and indicates that actions can now be performed with this order.  
    • Sending: when provider "approves and sends" a prescription, the medication will move from the patient's "pending" medication list, to their "active" medications within DoseSpot.  
    • eRx Sent: the prescription order has successfully reached the destination/pharmacy.  
    • Pharmacy Verified: confirms that the pharmacy has received and reviewed the prescription order. 
For additional details, there are two icons next to each E-Rx 
  • Notepad icon: will show any listed directions that were written by the provider during the ordering process
  • Location icon: shows which pharmacy the E-Rx order has been sent to

You can return to add or manage any prescriptions by clicking the "Add & Manage" tab   

E-Rx Notifications 

When there's an error, it will appear on the patient's profile below "problems" with a red icon. 

There will also be an "E-Rx Notifications" that appears as a red circle with a number on it in the bottom-left menu bar. This notifications tab will disappear after the notification/error has been resolved. Providers are still able to access e-Rx directly from a patient's profile. 

Lastly, it will also appear within the "Notifications" section when managing prescriptions. Add & Manage > Notifications

From here, providers have the option to view the error, or ignore it. Ignoring an error will dismiss the notifications within your account but will not necessarily resolve the prescription error. 

Common E-Rx order errors: 

  • This document includes common errors that might occur after a provider submits an e-prescription. 

If you need assistance regarding an e-Rx notification error, please email support at 

Forthcoming Updates

We are in the process of adding additional functionality, including: 

  • The ability to see all medications, including patient-reported, and past medications directly within a patient's profile (currently only prescriptions ordered through the e-Rx functionality will display). 

If you have any feedback that you'd like to share, including additional workflows that you'd want to see, please e-mail us:

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