Adjust Pricing Per Provider for Appointments

Healthie comes with built-in payment processing support, enabling providers to bill for one-time and recurring self-pay services. Client Packages can be created to bundle appointments and services together, and then offered to clients to self-purchase and book. Providers can also invoice for services

Additionally, providers have the ability to set a price for appointment type(s), and automatically schedule charges for clients on a per-session basis. Automatic billing for appointments is supported on Plus Plan and above. 

This article reviews how to configure appointment types to be priced differently, depending on the provider. This will then automatically charge patients accordingly, based on the provider they completed an appointment with. 

Advanced Pricing Settings

Within Appointment Settings, there is the option to enable more advanced pricing options, depending on your business needs. 

For multi-provider organizations, it may be preferred to charge differently for an appointment type, depending on the provider. 

This can be done within Settings > Appointments > Payments and Credits > Advanced Pricing. 

Enable the setting " Different prices between providers

Setting a Provider's Rates

From the Member's Page, an account admin can now edit the settings for a provider by clicking the [...] next to their name > Edit Appointment Prices

Account admins can add a rate and select the appointment type associated with this fee. 

Rates can be set for multiple appointment types > Add Appointment Type Price

If there is no rate set for an individual provider, then the client will automatically be charged the default rate for the appointment type, as designated in the Appointment Type Settings. Learn more here

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