Getting Started: Client Packages

Healthie's built-in packages system enables you to bill for one-time and recurring services, programs, products, and other offerings that you provide. You are able to fully customize the services offered, including the frequency (and amount) of payments. Additionally, you are able to apply promotional codes and track utilization of these codes for marketing and business purposes, as well as customize which packages are visible to your client, versus those you may use internally. Healthie links with your bank account for you to collect payment from clients directly. 


Creating a new package

  • Navigate to Billing > Client Packages
  • Click Create New Package
  • You will be asked to give your package a name, and upload an image or choose from an existing bank of photos.
  • Description: Write a description of your package (you can always edit your description later on). There is a maximum character length of 300 characters for description to ensure descriptions fit nicely when package is embedded externally. If you'd like to provide a longer description, please add this as text onto your website, outside of Healthie. 
  • Included Items
    • Enter appointment sessions that this package includes, which pulls directly from Appointment Types that you have set up. If you do not enter any appointment types, your package will still be purchasable, but will not be tied to any sessions. 
    • You may also choose to incorporate a Program into your package.
  • Price:
    • You can set up one-time or recurring payments for a Client Package. In a recurring payment, the client will pay $x per month, for y time period. Payments are made automatically using the client's card on file. A single package can only have 1 payment frequency; if you would like to offer the same package with multiple payment frequencies, you will need to copy the package and adjust the payment frequency details on the second version of the package.
    • You can optionally Enable different price for first payment if you'd like the first payment of a package to be higher or lower than subsequent payments in a package. If you select this option, the amount that you enter must be a different $ than the other payments made in that package. 
    • You can optionally Enable Sessions renew each billing period which means that session credits will renew for a client, each billing period, and be added automatically to a client's account. For example:
      • 3 month package with 1 initial consultation (for all time) and 2 follow-ups each month
        • 1 initial consultation should NOT have "session renews each billing period" 
        • 2 Follow ups should have session renews each billing period, if you'd like to only give 2 credits each month, versus 6 up front. 
  • Group: You can optionally tie a package to a specific group. This means that when a client buys this particular package they are placed in that group. 
  • Visibility: You can optionally make a package not visible, which makes it only visible to clients when you share a specific link with them, but not when they log into Healthie.  

Enrolling a client in a package if they pay outside of Healthie

There may be instances in which a client pays you cash, or has purchased a package outside of Healthie's processing system. There is still an advantage in enrolling the client in your package, for example to ensure they have credits, can book appointments, and are enrolled in your programs. 

In this instance:

  • Create a promo code of 100% and naming it "OUTSIDEPAYMENT100"
  • Enroll your client in the package and apply the promo code

Additional resources

Watch our pre-recorded video, walking through the basics of creating client packages, and client invoices. Start accepting payments through Healthie directly, no third-party applications needed. 

Prefer to learn live? 

Join our Healthie Live Class: Getting Started with Healthie to learn more about setting up your Healthie account and collecting payments via Healthie. Make the most of the Healthie platform with additional free live tutorials, open to all Healthie members. 

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