Building client packages to charge for sessions

Building a client package on Healthie

Healthie makes it easy for providers to build packages and service offerings for clients to purchase. Packages may consist of individual or multiple sessions, programs, and products. Money goes directly to your bank account.

With Healthie's client packages system, you can: 

  • Build client packages for your services
  • Set one-time or recurring payment subscriptions
  • Customize what packages are visible to your client
  • Establish promo codes for some or all of your packages
  • Link client packages to your Education courses
  • Add packages to your website or a newsletter e-mail for clients to purchase directly (A Healthie account will be created on the back-end for the client)

This article walks through:

  • Creating a new package
  • Updating a client package (e.g., if you were to change your prices)
  • Links to additional reading

Creating a new package

  • Main Dashboard > Billing > Client Packages
  • Click "Create New Package"
  • You will be asked to give your package a name, and upload an image.
  • Write a description of your package (you can always edit your description later on). Note: There is a maximum character length of 300 characters for a package description; this is to ensure that descriptions can fit nicely when embedded on external links (e.g., your website, on e-mail newsletters, and on social media. If you'd like to provide a longer description of your services, please add this as text onto your website, or as a Document within Healthie).
  • Optional: Enter the appointment types and "number of sessions" that this package includes. This pulls directly from the appointment types that you have set up. If you do not enter any appointment types, your package will still be purchasable, but will not be tied to any sessions
  • Enter a price for the package, and set up one-time or recurring payments. In a recurring payment, the client will pay $x per month, for x months, based on what you have set up. Payments are made automatically using the client's credit card on file 
  • Optional: Turn on "Sessions renew each billing period" - if enabled, this means that session credits will renew for a client, each billing period, and be added automatically to a client's account. For example:
    • 3 month package with 1 initial consultation (for all time) and 2 follow-ups each month
    • 1 initial consultation should NOT have "session renews each billing period" 
    • 2 Follow ups should have session renews each billing period, if you'd like to only give 2 credits each month, versus 6 up front. 
  • Optional: Tie a package to a specific group. This means that when a client buys this particular package they are placed in that group. 
  • Optional: Tie a package to an education course
  • Optional: Hide a package, which makes it only visible to clients when you share a specific link (NOT by default when your clients log into the Healthie platform, or when Healthie is embedded onto your website). 

Video walk through: Setting up Packages 

  • Upload an Image: 
    • You can upload one of your own (a company logo works great here) or select one from our image library
  • Appointments Included. 
    • This will let the clients know exactly what appointments are included in this package and allow them to book one strait away. You are not required to add appointments. 
    • Some practices use this link as a registration link to gain access to their practice either for a charge or not. 
  • Billing Frequency
    • You can structure billing to be a one time up front payment or break it down into a scheduled payment. 
      • If scheduled for weekly or monthly, clients are charged automatically 
    • This is also how you can set up a monthly subscription service. Which would charge them automatically until you canceled their membership 
  • Select a Group
    • You can select an intake flow or group you've already created to associate with that package. This means once they purchase they are automatically put into that intake flow. 

Updating an existing client package

Thinking about changing your prices, or making changes to an existing client package? Here is what you need to know:

  • Making changes to any elements of your client package Title, Description, and Benefits, and pricing will be updated AUTOMATICALLY to client-facing instances you have (e.g., within client web portal, on website, on Facebook pages)
  • Changes to prices will NOT affect PAST payments made from your clients, but WILL affect future payments that clients make
  • If you are planning to raise your prices, we strongly recommend creating a new package, rather than updating an existing package. Then, mark your old package "Not visible to client" within the Package's settings by unchecking the box "Make this package visible to clients" 

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