Getting Started: Invoices

Healthie's Invoicing feature allows providers to send invoices to clients for specific one-time payment instances, outside of Client Packages

When to Use an Invoice

Here are some common use cases for sending an Invoice to your client: 

  • Co-pays
  • Client responsibilities from insurance payments outstanding
  • Collections that fall outside of a Client Package (e.g., a Cancellation Fee, from which you do not have a credit card on file for a client)
  • One-time, ad-hoc payments
  • Services rendered for clients that do not have a credit card on file 

How to Create an Invoice

Navigate to Billing > Payments > Invoices > Create Invoice

You will be prompted to enter information including:

  • Date (created)
  • To (client name)
  • Amount (dollars)
  • For (e.g., Description) 
  • Notes (freeform text entered by provider)

Time Saving Tip: Check off "Save as Template" for an invoice that you want to reuse in the future. Templates can be quickly applied, and further edited. Learn more

Your Personal Information and Brand will automatically pre-fill into this invoice. 

  • Your address is pre-populated from your "Organization information" (Settings > Organization)

When you click "Create Invoice" you will be able to see a Preview of this invoice, as it would be shared with your client, and you will then be prompted to share this with your client.

Click the blue-button "Email to < Client Name >" for your client to receive an email notification with a link to pay their invoice. You can also click the white "Download or Print Invoice" download and/or print the invoice to send or give to a client. 

Organizations: Choosing a Provider for an Invoice

If you have multiple providers in your business, you can choose which provider should be indicated on an invoice. If you are a part of a multi-provider account, you will see an added dropdown called "Provider."

Select the Provider for whom the Invoice should be related to. By default, if you are a provider creating an invoice, your Name will show up, but you can change this Name.

(Note: In order to change the provider associated with an Invoice, you'll need to have the permission "Can see other providers in organization" enabled on your account. Contact your system administrator if you do not see this).

At this time, we don't pull in the provider's credentials onto an invoice. A workaround would be to add your credentials in the Additional Notes section, however, the client will not see the additional notes section until they are login onto Healthie. In the Details section, if you add your credentials there, the client will see it when they received the invoice email.

Additionally, some providers would like the "Sender" to list the name of their company, rather than an individual provider. At this time, this is not possible within Healthie. However, to workaround this, you would have to edit the name of one of your member's of the Organization to the Company's name. This is done under the Organization tab > Member's > Edit Settings.

Tying Invoices to "Request Payments" In Client Packages

  • When you Request a Payment for a client package, Healthie will automatically create an Invoice for this Request Payment, so that you are able to view the status of the request for easy tracking and management. 
  • You will, therefore, see outstanding "Request Payments" on your Invoices page

View Outstanding Invoices Within Healthie

  • Navigate to Billing > Payments > Invoices
  • You will see a list of open and fulfilled Invoices within your portal, as well as options to take actions on your Invoices.
  • By default, invoices will be listed with the most recent invoice at the top. You may sort through invoices by clicking the down arrow next to the other column heads (ie. by client, provider type, status or amount) 
  • Click the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the invoice to see the actions you can take including: 
    • Preview and Share Invoice 
    • Send Receipt to Client 
    • Delete Invoice 

Mark an Invoice as Paid or Unpaid

Marking an invoice as paid

If you'd like to mark an invoice as "paid", click on Actions [...] > Mark as Paid. You may want to do this, for example, if someone has paid you outside of the platform, but you'd like clients to stop receiving reminders about this

Marking an invoice as unpaid

If you'd like to mark an invoice as "paid", click on Actions [...] > Mark as Unpaid. You may want to do this, for example, if you accidentally marked an invoice as paid, but you'd like to reverse this action. 

As of now, we don't have the option to mark the invoice as a bad debt or write-off. The only option is Paid or None. When recording an outside payment for the invoice, there is an option to select Other. In the notes section, you can mention it is bad debt.

Delete an Invoice

There may be instances in which you need to delete an invoice that is showing in your Invoices List. For example, if a client has paid an invoice separately, or if you have created a duplicate.

To delete an invoice, click on Actions [...] > Delete

How Clients Can View and Pay Invoices

When you create an invoice for a client, they will receive an e-mail notifying them that they should fulfill their invoice. They will then be prompted with a link to fulfill the invoice, using a payment method on file, or by entering a payment method if none such method exists. 

If the invoice-type was associated with a CMS 1500 insurance claim, the claim's status will automatically be updated once the client pays. Learn more about the statuses of CMS 1500s here

Note: If they have not yet completed all of their required intake forms, they will need to complete these forms prior to seeing their Invoice prompt.

When clients log into their online web portal and navigate to Payments, they will see outstanding invoices and payments to fulfill. 

When clients fulfill an invoice, the status of the payment on your dashboard will be updated. Clients will also receive a receipt indicating a summary of their purchase. 

If you'd like someone OTHER THAN THE CLIENT to pay the invoice (ie. a parent or guardian in the case of a working with a minor) > learn more here

Record Partial Payments

Healthie's invoices allow you to receive and keep track, of partial payments made for a single invoice.

To record a partial payment:

  • Navigate to your client's profile > Billing > Invoices 
  • Find the invoice you'd like to adjust 
  • Click the actions tab (three dots) to the right, select "Charge Client" or "Record Outside Payment" from the drop-down. 


This option will allow you to charge your client's credit card on file for a specific amount. The invoice can be paid in full, or another amount. The remaining balance (leftover amount) will be displayed, and the invoice will be marked as "Partially Paid" 


If your client has made a payment towards their invoice, this can be collected and recorded by the provider. Payment options include: 

  • Cash 
  • Check
  • Credit card
  • Direct deposit 
  • Other

From the "Record outside payment for invoice" screen:

  • Indicate the amount paid + payment date (you will automatically see the remaining balance calculated) 
  • Select the form of payment (cash, credit card, check, direct deposit, other)
  • Make a note for your records (optional) 
  • Click the blue-button "Record Payment" 

On the overview page of your client's invoices, you will now see the invoice status updated to "Partial" and a percentage that is remaining (orange status color). 

When the invoice is fully paid, the status will change to "Paid" (green status color). 

Note: your client will not receive a new invoice or an email receipt of this payment. They can log into their Healthie Client Portal > Billing to view their invoice, which will be automatically updated to reflect their partial payment (and display their remaining balance). 

Reminder e-mail for Invoices

If a client has not paid an invoice after 5 days, the client will receive an automatic e-mail reminding them to pay an invoice. They will also see a bar appear at the top of their portal reminding them to pay an invoice. 

If you would like to send a client an additional reminder to complete an invoice, we recommend sending them a Chat message.

A forthcoming update will enable providers to receive an email notification once an invoice is paid. 

Invoices for Corporations or Non-clients

There may be an instance in which you'd like to process a payment for a corporation that is purchasing services on behalf of many clients. 

If this is the case, we recommend adding this entity as a "Client" (you can choose to leave the email address field blank, so that they are not notified that you are adding them to Healthie and that they do not receive any intake forms) and then preparing an Invoice for them. You can then download and share this invoice, and coordinate payment, such as credit card, over the phone. 

If you would like them to pay electronically, we recommend adding them as a Client, and then Creating a New Group called "Corporation" to bypass any intake forms. Then, you'll be able to prepare an Invoice and request that they log in to fulfill this invoice. The 3rd party payer will not need to create a Healthie client account to pay the invoice. 

You may then manually add credits to corporate client accounts, so that they are able to book with you, without having to pay for services, as their corporation has likely pre-paid.

Alternatively, you can create an invoice on behalf of your client, and instead list the business or non-client as the recipient. This will enable the recipient to receive, view, and electronically pay the invoice. 

Invoices on the Mobile App

If a client has an outstanding invoice, they may receive e-mail reminders and/or in-app prompts reminding them to complete this invoice. Invoices do not currently show up within Healthie's native web and mobile apps. 

If a client receives an e-mail to pay an invoice, and accesses this e-mail from their phone or tablet, clicking on a link to pay invoice will open up in a web browser window, and the client will be able to pay their invoice from the device. 

Healthie does not currently offer direct payments / invoice features on the mobile apps, as in accordance with App Store policies, Apple and Google App Stores would take up to 30% of payments processed from within the mobile app. 

Common API Uses

  • If you use Healthie's API, you can send multiple invoices at once. 
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