Generate API Key(s) on Production

Healthie is an API-first company and our API product is the same that our own front-end developers use to build our web and mobile apps. Here is an overview of our features available through the API.

Our API is an available add-on for members on our Enterprise Plan. For users with API access, an API Key can be generated in association with Healthie's Production or Sandbox environment. To learn more, please email 

This article covers how to self-generate an API Key (or Webhook) on Production.

Looking for Sandbox Keys? Learn how to generate API Key(s) and/or Webhooks in our Sandbox environment here.

Create a New API Key 

  • Log in to your Healthie Production account
  • Navigate go to Settings > Developer > API Key  
  • Add API Key > Give your key a name > Create API Key

Enable Team Members to Generate API Key(s)

To give a team member permissions to generate API Key(s) and Webhooks within their Healthie Production account, please complete the following steps: 

  • Add the user to your Healthie account : Organization > Members > Add Organization Members
  • Edit their member permissions to enable the setting "Can view and manage developer features (Webhooks, API keys, etc)"
  • Save the member permissions
  • The team member will now be able to log into their account, and self-generate Keys and Webhooks. 

Healthie offers a closed API that enables you to tap into the back-end of the HIPAA and SOC 2-compliant software platform. You can request API docs here:

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