MyFitnessPal and Healthie

MyFitnessPal information can be combined with your utilization of Healthie in two ways:

  1. A Client can sync their Fitbit with their MyFitnessPal account, and then sync their FitBit account with Healthie. Even if clients don't have an actual Fitbit, they can set up a free Fitbit account, and pull in information from MFP to Healthie. 
  2. Use MyFitnessPal in conjunction with Healthie in your practice, as a supplemental tool in working with clients, particularly with tracking nutrients. While MyFitnessPal data does not get added directly into your clients' Healthie account this way (without a Fitbit) clients can give you as their provider, direct access to their MFP accounts, and you can review these in session. 

Information pulled from MyFitnessPal into Healthie

Information pulled from MyFitnessPal into Healthie will show up in the Journal and Metrics sections of the platform. Information pulled can include: 

  • Sleep
  • HeartRate
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition information (macronutrient breakdowns)
  • Hydration

At this time, photos taken in MFP cannot carry over into Healthie's photo-based food journal

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