Nutrient Tracking in Healthie

Nutrient Tracking is an optional setting that you can enable within Healthie Journaling that will enable your clients to log nutrient data leveraging the USDA Food Database. You as a healthcare professional will be able to view this data (calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients) within your Client's Portal. 

When this setting is turned on for your clients, clients will have the ability to: 

  • Search for, and log, specific food items from our internal food database (both from the web and Healthie mobile app) 
  • View macronutrient and key micronutrient data 
  • View overall calories consumed per journal entry, and total calories consumed per day as part of Journal Entries


Enable Nutrient Tracking

Like other Journal Entries within Healthie, Nutrient Tracking can be enabled on a global, group, and per client basis. You can enable / disable nutrient tracking within your Journal Settings

By default, the "macro and micro nutrient tracking" setting is disabled for clients. Ensure the box is checked next to the setting, and update your settings to enable nutrient tracking for your clients.

As an example, to enable Nutrient Tracking for a client: 

  • Navigate to your client's account
  • Select "Actions" from the menu
  • Next to "Client Info" which shows by default, you'll be able to click "Client Settings"

Tie Nutrient Tracking with Care Plans

As with all Journal Entries settings within Healthie, you can additionally tie nutrient tracking into Care Plans that you have created, such that clients who are part of a Care Plan will automatically be prompted to track nutrients. Please follow instructions here (Adjust Journal Settings).

How a client logs an entry 

Clients can log a food/meal by logging into their Healthie Client Portal from the web browser or the Healthie mobile app. 

Logging from the Mobile App 

Walk through your client's experience logging from mobile, and watch our quick tutorial video to see the client logging experience. 

Logging from the Web

Click "Post an Entry" > "Add Food"

From the food database, search for a food item

Locate the most relevant food choice & corresponding portion size. Many of the items in the database use "household servings" (ie. 1 cup, 1 slice, etc) to help make it easier for clients to choose the most appropriate choice. Most food items in the list will show a single serving size of the food, as documented within the USDA food database. 

Clients can click the (+) to add a food item. From here they can search and click to add another food item or click DONE. 

Clicking the food name/description will allow clients to view the full food nutrient details, and adjust the serving size they would like to log. 

Once your client has added all of the food items they'd like, they can complete their journal entry > Post Entry  

You can adjust this experience for your client by adjusting the food journal entry settings (ie. hide/display other journaling settings). You can see the corresponding journaling settings for this example client entry: 

Clicking the "actions" tab (three dots) next to a food item will enable a client to: 

  • View full nutritional details for a food item 
  • Edit the serving amount 
  • Remove the food item from the journal entry

Custom Foods & Saved Meals 

In the case that a food or meal cannot be found in our database, clients have the option to add their own Custom Food(s). 

Details that can be added for a Custom Food: 

  • Name
  • Serving size & number of servings 
  • Macronutrient & micronutrient information per serving

To help clients save time logging, they also have the option to create "My Meals." Meals can be particularly useful for: 

  • Saving typical food combinations or go-to meals (ie. an egg & cheese sandwich for breakfast) 
  • Entering ingredients from a recipe & building a quick-add serving (ie. 1 cup of the carrot & bean soup that the client made)  

Nutrition Details

Every food item in the database displays corresponding calories & macronutrient data. As a client adjusts the serving size of a food item, the nutrition details will automatically update as well. 

If your client logs several food items in a single entry, the nutrition data will update to be cumulative for the meal. 

  • Total calories 
  • Total carbohydrates (g) 
  • Dietary Fiber (g) 
  • Total Sugars (g) 
  • Total protein (g) 
  • Total fat (g) 
  • Saturated fat (g) 
  • Trans fat (g) 
  • Polyunsaturated fat (g) 
  • Monounsaturated fat (g) 
  • Cholesterol (mg) 
  • Vitamin A (mcg) 
  • Vitamin C (mg) 
  • Vitamin D (D2+D3) (mcg) 
  • Calcium (mg) 
  • Iron (mg) 
  • Potassium (mg) 
  • Sodium (mg) 

Reviewing client logged entries

Logged client entries can be review on your dashboard journal feed as a provider, or by going to your Client's Profile > Journaling. 

On a high level, providers are able to see the total number of calories, protein, carbs, and fat for your client's logged entry. If there were multiple food items logged within that entry, then the nutrient data is cumulative for all of the items. 

Clicking "Show Details" on the entry will review a breakdown of the included food items, and nutrition data per food item

To provide real-time feedback for clients, providers are able to comment or use a "quick reaction" for the entry. Clients are notified when a provider engages on their post, and can respond with additional comments as needed. 

Healthie's Journaling feature creates a secure way for providers and clients to work together, and allows providers to deliver support and education in real-time. 

Journal Entries - Nutrition Summary View 

Providers can also review a Nutrition Summary for each day within a selected time-period (ie. past 30 days). 

  • Navigate to your client's profile > Journal > Summary 
  • Click the "Change Date" button to adjust the date range 

Note: the Summary view will only include food journal entries that were logged by clients using the nutrition database. The Summary view is currently not available for other journaling features (ie. Metrics) 

Here's an example of a one-day Summary view. From this view, providers are able to review: 

  • A listing of every meal logged in the day 
  • A breakdown of the food items & portion sizes included within each entry 
  • Total calories, protein, carbs, and fat for each entry
  • Cumulative total of all nutrients for the day
  • Data showing the macronutrient breakdown for the day
    • Total (g) of carbs, protein, and fats 
    • Percentage of daily calories attributed to carbs, protein, and fats

Viewing Data Results on a Graph 

Within your client's profile, you will find relevant data from both the "Journaling" tab (including the Nutrition Summary outlined above) as well as the "Metrics" tab. 

From the Metrics tab, both providers & clients will find a  nutrition graph that will help with the analysis of Macronutrient Split, Total Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat. 

To access this data: 

  • Navigate to your client's profile > Metrics tab 
  • Scroll down to the "Nutrition" graph 
  • Use the "Date Picker" on the TOP of the page to adjust the time period that you would like to view data for. Less than 11 days worth of data will show as a bar graph. Data from a longer period of time will show as a line graph. 
  • Use the drop-down menu within the graph to see: 
    • Overall calories and macronutrient split (protein, carbs, fat) 
    • Individual data for protein 
    • Individual data for carbs 
    • Individual data for fat

The purpose of these graphs is to give you (and your client) insights into trends, based on their overall calorie & macronutrient intake. Please note: if your client has not logged any meals with nutrient data (ie. they only used the food journaling tool), there will be no data to show here. Data only populates for days that your client logged a meal with nutrient details.

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Eating Disorder settings for Nutrient Tracking

At this time, Healthie does not have the capability to hide the calories from a client. We hope to make these updates in the future to accomodate providers working with eating disorder clients within Healthie.

Read more on other Eating Disorder settings within Healthie here.

Forthcoming updates

We have planned a series of updates to this feature and will update this post as these become available. These include: 

  • Barcode scanner for clients, when logging meals from the mobile app 

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