Fitbit and Healthie

Healthie syncs with client Fitbit devices to automatically pull Health metrics into their client profiles, for you as a provider to view within their Healthie accounts. 


How clients can sync their Fitbit device and where to view metrics pulled

Fitbit will pull the following data into Healthie: 

  • Physical activity data (ie. walking, running, cycling, swimming, other)
    • Depending on the activity and the data available: Distance, Duration, and/or Calories Burned can be included as part of an entry
  • Daily steps
  • Body measurements (ie. weight, body fat percentage, waist circumference)
  • Weight from FitBit scale (a physical scale is required) 
  • Resting Heart Rate (if client FitBit device supports heart rate monitoring) 
  • Sleep (hours and minutes) 
  • Food tracking Total Calories, Carbs, Fat, Fiber, Protein, Sodium, Water (a single entry per day will come into Healthie that lists macronutrient totals from the day, which applies to data that goes from a client directly into Fitbit)
  • If your client has a MyFitnessPal account that they've synced with their Fitbit, then additional data will pull in to Healthie. Learn more.  

Data will be entered into a client's Healthie's Journal and visible on your feed. Most of this data will pull in as a single daily entry (ie. total steps for the day). 

Additionally, in order for information to sync properly, you as the provider must enable the ability to track metrics that sync from Fitbit within the client's settings. Navigate to your client's profile, and click on "Actions" and select the "Settings" tab. Under the "Metrics" box, you can select/de-select the metrics setting you wish to track for your client. For example, if the "Weight" button is not selected, weight data will not sync from Fitbit, even if the client has linked their Fitbit account with Healthie. 

Here is Healthie's Client Guide to syncing with Fitbit devices, which we encourage you to share with your clients. 

If you would like to turn off the ability for your clients to sync their Fitbit with Healthie, you can navigate to Settings, and disable "Fitbit" This can be enabled / disabled on a global, group, and individual client basis. If you have disabled this, Clients will not see the ability to Integrate their Fitbit account with Healthie when they navigate to Integrations.

Fitbit syncs every 2 hours with the Healthie app. 

How clients can un-sync their Fitbit devices

If you'd like assistance with un-syncing a Fitbit device on behalf of a client, please contact our Support:

Information on the Fitbit-Healthie Sync & best practices

  • Fitbit will sync data onto Healthie once a day, every day in the morning. 
  • After your client syncs their Fitbit with Healthie, entries will take 24 hours to first appear.
  • If there are day lapses between entries, it means that the client did not wear their Fitbit, or that FitBit did not record the data to their online servers.

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