What is Healthie doing about AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the opportunity to make a foundational impact in healthcare delivery, and Healthie is working closely with leaders in AI for Healthcare to understand opportunities, risks, and best ways to implement AI in Healthie's platform.

Healthie's Position on AI:

  1. We believe that technology, including AI, can powerfully augment the role that a provider has in healthcare delivery, but technology will never replace the invaluable role of a provider. Benefits may include operational efficiency, reduction in time spent charting, summarization of conversations, recommendations, and more, but the end state is support, not replacement.
  2. We believe that technology must be thoroughly reviewed & vetted, particularly in healthcare because of the implications on patient care and outcomes. Thorough evaluation on clinical efficacy, accuracy, risk assessments, is important.
    1. Healthie is currently doing due diligence on a number of artificial intelligence solutions to ensure that we bring the most user friendly, accurate, safe, and secure options to our providers.
    2. Specifically, in Q4 2023 through 1H 2024, we ran a rigorous RFP process to understand options on the market to support our organizations.
  3. There will be no 'one size fits all' AI solution in the market, and through our built-in solution and Harbor (Marketplace) Healthie will support a variety of AI solutions in healthcare, and our organizations will be increasingly be able to select the AI partner(s) that they elect to work with.

Specific Categories of AI in Healthcare we're enthused by:

  1. Charting: Reduce provider time spent on charting through AI copilots & note generators
  2. Quality Assurance: Dictation & transcribing services
  3. Imaging Analysis: Disease detection through AI interpreting imaging results
  4. CDS: Enable Clinical Decision Support through AI pathways
  5. Voice Analysis: Detection of specialty-specific disease states through voice analysis through proprietary assessments (e.g., for detecting anxiety and depression)
  6. Smart phrases: The fundamentals exist in Healthie's EHR and Chat Features today, however there are opportunities to do even more

How can I leverage AI within Healthie today?

There are three ways to use AI alongside Healthie:

  1. [Forthcoming] - Healthie is evaluating vendors that we'll integrate with directly, and we will update this post as we better understand timelines & specific vendors. As referenced in Principle #2 above, we are undergoing a rigorous RFP process.
  2. We know that there will be no one-size-fits-all AI solution for our customers (as referenced in Principle #3 above) so alongside Healthie's work in AI directly, our customers will be able to leverage The Healthie Harbor for additional AI partners that'll be joining (you can search for AI solutions).
  3. You can leverage AI copilots that may be available without an integration (note/disclaimer: we recommend evaluating the security & privacy of these tools. Some of these tools can be launched from your phone or added as a browser extension; these tools then listen in on your meetings to help create notes. Without a direct integration, you as a provider would need to copy and paste summaries into your chart note within Healthie.

What are some of the important considerations I should think through as I evaluate the best AI partners for my business?

At Healthie, we're doing our diligence to select the right tools because there's a variety of factors and risks with AI solutions.

If you're looking at AI solutions yourself here are just a few of the many things to keep in mind:

  • If AI is listening to conversations you may need to get a patient's consent to record the call
  • If the call is recorded, how long does the AI company keep the recording? Where is the call stored?
  • What AI models does the company use? Did they developer their own or are they built on top of a solution like OpenAI's ChatGPT?
  • Read the BAA of these solutions. Are they allowed to use the data from your calls? For, what purposes?

We're equally as excited as you are about the potential of AI to reduce provider burden of charting, amongst other benefits that AI may bring to Healthcare. We'll be continuing to update this document as we release our findings & research.

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