Upgrade to Healthie's Group Plan

Healthie's Group Plan enables clinician-owned, multi-provider practices to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients. 

This article walks through how to self-adjust your plan within your account, to select the Group Plan.

Follow these steps

From within your Healthie account, navigate to your Subscription Page > Select Manage Plan.

Select Update Plan

You'll see a list of available plans > Select Group Plan > Continue.

You also have the option to save 10% on your subscription by selecting an annual plan. Toggle over to Yearly to see annual plan rates.

Once you've selected your monthly or annual Group Plan subscription, you'll be prompted to confirm your plan updates.

Note: If you do not have a form of payment on file, you'll be asked to provide your payment details.

Adding Team Members

Account administrators on a Group Plan or above are able to add or remove a team members from the team account. Find step-by-step instructions on adding team members here.

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