Add or Remove a Team Member

Healthie enables organizations with multiple providers, clinicians, team members, and assistants to coordinate with each other to provide collaborative care to clients. There are over 70 settings & permissions that account administrators can set for each member of the organization. 

Account administrators on a Group Plan or above are able to add or remove a team members from the team account.

Note: Subscription plans do not automatically update when a team member is removed. Please email when you have completed removal of a team member so we may adjust your plan accordingly.

Add a Member to Your Organization

To add a member to your organization:

  • Navigate to Settings > Organization > Org Info (complete this information if it hasn't been completed yet) > Manage Memberships 
  • Add in the Member's Name, E-mail-address, and choose either Standard or Support role
  • The "Permissions Template" field and dropdown menu is entirely optional, and is included below all required fields when adding a new organization member.  
  • You can optionally set a member (Standard or Support) to be an Administrator
    • Administrators can oversee member activity, access Organization-wide reports, and optionally have visibility into client information and activity 
    • Administrators can also set permissions for other team members
    • We recommend limiting the number of Administrators you have in your account

When you add a member to your organization, they will receive an e-mail indicating that they've been added to your organization. They will then be able to click on a unique link, that will enable them to set up a password, and access their account, based on the permissions you have established on their behalf. Immediately, you'll be able to share documents and resources, intake forms and other resources, and message with them within the platform. 

Standard vs Support Seats

When adding a new team member to your account, admins have the ability to designate a team member role as either standard or support. Learn more about the difference between user roles

Both support and standard roles can be given an admin designation. Administrators typically have the highest level of permissions for the account, including the ability to view all billing details, change the account's bank account information, and add new organization members. 

Set Member-Specific Permissions

Navigate to Organization > Members > Edit Settings of an existing organization member (Note: Only Admin roles can make modifications for other accounts)

  • Select and/or de-select permissions you'd like to enable for a user
  • Based on the role you have already given this provider, Healthie's recommended pre-set settings have been applied
  • If you would like to apply a Permissions Template to any existing organization member, click on the Edit Settings option beside the organization member's name, and select Permissions

    When on your org member's Permissions page, select the Apply Template button at the top right corner of your page, and a dropdown menu will appear directly below the button including all of your organization's existing Permissions Templates. Immediately after clicking a Permissions Template, all of the permission settings on the org member's page will be updated to match the configuration from the selected template. 

Here is our Deep Dive: Team Member Settings. If you would like assistance navigating permissions & settings, e-mail us at and we can set up time to run through your Settings.

Remove a Member (Make Inactive)

There are instances in which you will need to make changes in your active providers, e..g, if there is a personnel change, or if a member of your team will be leaving for a known period of time (e.g., maternity leave). 

Healthie's system makes it easy for you to Revoke log-in access and change the status of team members, by marking a standard or support account as "Inactive". Here is what happens, and best practices, when you mark a seat as inactive: 

  • A member is no longer able to log in, which means that they cannot access client information. 
  • If that member was a provider, they will no longer appear on the Org Calendar.
  • You will be prompted to re-assign any clients that are associated with that provider to someone else on your team.
  • Appointments be rescheduled with the newly assigned provider
  • Clients will not be able to book with a provider who has been set as Inactive.  
  • Intake forms, charting templates, programs, and other materials that the provider has created will have the same visibility as when the provider was active. This means that if you were able to see intake forms & charting templates from this provider, you will continue to be able to do so. 
  • Unfinished chart notes by the "Inactive" team member will remain that way. If possible, we recommend reviewing chart notes before the team member leaves. If not, another team member with access can review/finish, lock, and sign the chart note.
  • No client information or system information is deleted
  • Reach out to when completed, so we can update your subscription plan for you. 

  • You can make a provider Active again if needed. 

Best Practices:

  • If someone on your team is leaving for a known period of time (e.g., a maternity or other leave) we recommend NOT marking them as inactive or moving them to a support role. If you would like to proceed with this, we recommend keeping a list of known clients of this provider for you to "change back" when this person re-joins your team. 


  • When you archive a provider, this removes their provider permissions. If you then set this provider to "Active" again, the “Is a provider” permission will be marked as “No” and will need to be manually changed back to "Yes" for the provider to see patient/clients.
  • It is not possible to mark the Account Owner (e.g., the member that first created the Healthie account) as Inactive, due to Privacy and Terms of Use agreements in place. If you need to designate a new account owner, please email for account support. 

Rearrange the Order of Team Members

Healthie enables you to order the members in your Organization. This is helpful in the following instances:

  • You have a high number of providers in your organization and need to sort them
  • You would like members to appear in a certain order on your Organization Calendar

From the Organization Members page, drag-and-drop a team member to a new position as needed.

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