Getting Started: Group Plan

Healthie enables clinician-owned, multi-provider practices to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients. The Group Plan starts at $149/month for 1 standard role + 1 support role. 

Adding additional standard roles is $50/provider, with a free support account for each standard role. 

Learn more about standard vs support roles

Switch to the Group Plan: you can self-adjust your subscription within your account to select the Group Plan. Find instructions on how to do so here.

New to Healthie? Start a free 14 day trial today. During your trial, you can access all of Healthie core & premium features. Cancel at anytime, no questions, and no charges.

Group Plan Features

In addition to Healthie's core features, the Group Plan comes with our premium features & integrations. 

  • Programs: Build and distribute courses to your clients, automatically send forms to clients on a pre-defined schedule, automate a weekly survey, share videos with clients. 
  • Group Video Chat (via Zoom): You will have access to a HIPAA-compliant subscription of Zoom, directly integrated with your Healthie calendar. You can book group webinars, one-on-one sessions, record presentations, and store recordings locally. 
  • Direct Claim Submission to Office Ally: Automatically submit claims that have been created in Healthie to Office Ally
  • Branding: E-mails will contain links to your social media accounts and your company logo. You can also customize the side dashboard of the web platform with your company logo and color.
  • Color code appointments on Healthie's calendar: Have different colors to indicate appointment status/type or other configurations of your choosing. 
  • E-fax: Request a unique number to communicate digitally with physicians and other healthcare stakeholders, most commonly used for chart notes, referrals, lab reports. 
  • E-labs: Healthie's E-labs feature enables providers to offer, and clients to purchase, Quest labs directly within the Healthie platform, and fully electronically, to save providers time and the need to navigate to external platforms

Group Plan allows admins to add other team members and support accounts: 

  • Add team members: unlike other platforms, Healthie allows you to add an unlimited number of team members to your account. The cost of adding a full-time team member is $50/month - which also allows you to add a free support account. 
  • Add support accounts: included in your membership is a free support role with every standard member added (learn more about standard vs support roles here)  
  • Admin sets permissions & roles for each account: control what each team member can acces 
  • Shared organization calendar: enables each team member to view the schedule and availability of other providers in the group. Availability and scheduling can be done from one comprehensive calendaring system. 
  • Add locations & rooms: get the flexibility needed to run a multi-location, multi-provider practice, with automations built-in to save you time each step of the way.  
  • Build Care Teams: leverage Healthie's Care Teams feature to associate multiple providers with a client within Healthie. 
  • Advanced reporting: find an organization-level reports for each report offered in the platform to check in on the financial health and productivity of your practice. 

How to Get Started with a Group Plan

If you're new to Healthie, we invite you to review all of our plans & pricing. When you're ready to get started, you can begin your free 14 day trial. During your trial, our team is here to support you & help you enroll in the best plan for your business. 

If you're an existing member, you can easily adjust your membership by adding team members directly. 

1. Within your settings, update the Organization page for your business.

2. Revisit Settings > scroll on the left-hand side to Organization > Members > Add Organization Member

3. Complete the information for your team member, and select their role (Standard or Support) 

Adding a Standard role will have fees applied ($50/month per standard role) and you can add a support role for each standard role. 

Once your new team member is added, an admin can "Edit" their account permissions & settings. Learn more about adding team members

Have questions about your membership? You can message over live chat (click the chat icon on the bottom right-hand side of your Healthie account or the main Healthie website) or email us to discuss changes to your membership. 

Member Resources

Once you've signed up for your plan, we recommend leveraging the following free resources to set up your account & make the most of your membership: 

  • Get 1:1 support & free onboarding training for new team members with your Group Plan membership; email to connect with our Customer Success team.
  • Pre-recorded tutorial videos on setting up your Healthie account, including a Team Plan overview video
  • Live Class: Billers & Assistants
  • Use the HELP button at the bottom-right of your account when logged into Healthie 
  • Email us for support at 
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