Submitting a claim through Office Ally from Healthie

Once you have completed your CMS 1500 form, you can submit this form electronically through Office Ally. 

You will have to create a free Office Ally account (not subscribe to their monthly membership) in order to do this. 

Within your Healthie account: 

  1. Select all the claims you want to export and hit "export batch"
  2. Download the batch file to your computer
  3. Upload the batched text file into the OfficeAlly service center.

Additional instructions on sending batched claims can be found here, particularly in the "How do I send claims to Office Ally" section. 

Note: the first time you upload files to Office Ally from Healthie, you will need to have at least 3 claims to submit (this used to be 5 claims, but Office Ally recently adjusted their requirement).