Office Ally & Healthie: Direct claim submission (NEW!)

If you use Office Ally to submit claims to insurance companies, there are two ways to pull claims generated from Healthie:

  1. Connect your Healthie account with Office Ally, for a direct claims submission and automated tracking process (Recommended) (Available on Healthie's Practice Plus plan and above)
  2. Batch and export claims to manually upload into Office Ally

1. Connect your Healthie account with Office Ally, for a direct claims submission and automated tracking process

Healthie's sync with Office Ally enables you to electronically submit claims (CMS 1500s) from Healthie to Office Ally (and, claim statuses will automatically update within your Healthie account). This eliminates the need to export clams from Healthie and upload them to Office Ally.

To set this up, you'll need to enable SFTP support within Office Ally, by emailing

Use the email subject: "SFTP Support (Healthie & Office Ally)"

Include the following content in the email:

  • Your Office Ally username
  • The name of the Office Ally account holder
  • The email address of the Office Ally account holder
  • Software: Healthie
  • Form Type Submitted: HFCA

Once you receive the information back from Office Ally, press the button "I have the SFTP Data" and enter the information you received from Office Ally.

Once you do this, when you navigate to Billing > CMS 1500s:

  • Select the claim (or multiple claims) you’d like to send by checking the box to the left of the client name or picture 
  • On the top right of your screen, you will now see a BLUE “Send to Office Ally” button
  • When you click this button, your CMS 1500 will automatically send to Office Ally, and a green banner confirming it was sent will appear. When you send a claim from Healthie to OfficeAlly, you'll receive an email shortly after confirming that OfficeAlly received the claims.
  • Claim statuses and reimbursement details automatically updated daily (at approximately 6:00am EST)
  • Payment reimbursement for insurance will happen outside of Healthie. If you have ERAs set up in OfficeAlly, we will automatically pull in reimbursement data in Healthie.

2.  Batch export claims to upload into Office Ally

Once you have completed your CMS 1500 form, you can submit this form electronically through Office Ally.

Within your Healthie account:

  1. Select all the claims you want to export (by checking the checkbox to the left of each) and press the "Export as TXT" button
  2. Download the export file to your computer
  3. Upload the export file into the Office Ally service center within your Office Ally account

Additional instructions on sending batched claims can be found here, particularly in the "How do I send claims to Office Ally" section. 

Note: the first time you upload files to Office Ally from Healthie, you will need to have at least 3 claims to submit (this used to be 5 claims, but Office Ally recently adjusted their requirement).