Tracking the status of CMS 1500 claims in Healthie

As you create and submit CMS 1500 claims through Healthie, you'll want to keep track of statuses within the Platform. Healthie allows providers to keep track of statuses including: Sent, Not Sent, Reimbursed.

This article walks through: 

  • Viewing Status of CMS 1500 claims
  • Status options
  • Best practices for Group Practices & Organizations

Viewing Status of CMS 1500 claims

Keeping Track of your CMS 1500s - On the CMS 1500s page (accessed through the drop down menu under “Billing” on your sidebar), you may track the status of your CMS 1500 by selecting “Sent,” “Not Sent” or “Reimbursed” for each CMS 1500 you have created.

Status Options 

  • Sent: would be after you have sent them to OfficeAlly 
  • Batched: would be after you downloaded the batch
  • Rejected: would be for rejected claims which you may have to resubmit
  • Not sent: would be pending forms 

If you use Healthie's auto-integration with Office Ally, claim statuses will be updated automatically.

Best Practices for Group Practices & Organizations

If you would like to view the claims created across your organization, please make sure you have enabled a setting within Organizations > Member >  Manage Permissions to view their CMS 1500 records within your feed.