Using the status feature on CMS 1500s

Healthie allows providers to keep track of CMS 1500 status's, including: Sent, Not Sent, Reimbursed

Keeping Track of your CMS 1500s - On the CMS 1500s page (accessed through the drop down menu under “Billing” on your sidebar), you may track the status of your CMS 1500 by selecting “Sent,” “Not Sent” or “Reimbursed” for each CMS 1500 you have created.

You can also update the "status" of your CMS 1500 forms to be able to easily keep track of your forms!

Sent: would be after you have sent them to OfficeAlly 
Batched: would be after you downloaded the batch
Rejected: would be for rejected claims which you may have to resubmit
Not sent: would be pending forms