Client Settings: Customizing on Global, Group and Client Levels

Within Healthie, you can customize DEFAULT settings, as well as turn features off if they are not relevant to your type of care:

  • Client Portal Settings: control which aspects of the Client Portal (ie. billing, journaling, documents) that a client may access. Learn more.  
  • Food journal settings: control which features of Healthie's photo food journal are visible for clients and required for them when completing a journal entry 
  • Metrics settings: control which metrics clients can view and/or track 
  • Fitness settings: enable (or disable) clients from tracking workouts or uploading "selfies" 
  • Notes: enable (or disable) clients from adding free text journal entries. Notes can be used to log thoughts, reflections, progress updates, symptoms, and more. 
  • Chat settings: enable (or disable) clients from sending messages via Healthie chat 
  • Goals notifications settings: customize how a client will receive notifications (email and/or in the Healthie app) to complete their goals, and how often notifications are sent (never, daily, weekly, monthly) These default notifications can be set at the: 

These settings can be adjusted at 3 different levels:

Adjust client settings on the global level

Click the settings wheel on the top right of your Healthie provider account (next to your profile picture)You'll be able to select or deselect any preferences from each of the settings categories. 

Note: the changes you indicate here will be over-rides by any preferences you indicate in the group or individual client level 

In the JOURNAL ENTRIES section of settings, you'll be able to customize food journal, metrics, and fitness settings as well as customize the notifications that clients receive for goals. 

There is also a default "Eating Disorder" setting which you can select at any level, which will automatically hide certain features of Healthie that may be triggering for disordered eating clients, learn more here

Adjust settings on the group level 

If you'd like to have different settings for different groups of clients, you can adjust the group settings:

  • Select "Clients" from your Healthie provider dashboard 
  • Choose the "Client Group" tab
  • Find the group you'd like to change the settings for > Click the 3 dots next to the group (Actions) 
  • From the drop-down, choose "EDIT SETTINGS" 

You'll see the same Settings as the Global level, and you can select/deselect any preferences 

Note: the changes you make at the Group level will over-ride the Global settings 

Adjust settings on the individual client level 

Lastly, you can adjust any of these client settings for any client. This will allow you to fully customize their Healthie experience.

  • Navigate to your client's account 
  • Select "Actions" from the menu 
  • Next to "Client Info" which shows by default, you'll be able to click "Client Settings" 

The same Settings list will show on the individual client profile. You'll be able to select/deselect any of these preferences.

Note: The changes you indicate at this level will over-ride the Global and Group settings you have in place. 

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