Quickbooks, Xero, and Healthie

Many providers use Healthie alongside an accounting software platform such as Quickbooks and Xero.


How to use Healthie with accounting software platforms

If you use Quickbooks / Xero for your business accounting, you can pull comprehensive Reports from within Healthie and upload these directly into your Quickbooks / Xero account. We recommend pulling the Payments Report on a monthly basis and uploading that into Quickbooks. 

Accounting Software FAQs

How can I directly integrate Quickbooks / Xero with Healthie?

We are in the process of creating a Report that you can directly upload into Quickbooks. If you are interested in being notified when this is released, please e-mail hello@gethealthie.com 

Does Healthie integrate directly with my accounting software's payment processing system? 

Healthie does not integrate with Quickbook's / Xero's payment processing system. However, Healthie has a payment processing system built within the platform, to make it easy to collect payments (one-time and recurring) from clients and charge for services. 

Which plan of Quickbooks should I use in my business?

Healthie's reports are capable with all Quickbook plan levels. Healthie providers use all levels of Quickbooks and we recommend taking a look at their features to see which one meets the needs of your business needs. 

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