Deep dive: Payments report

Healthie's Payments Report makes it easy to understand:

  • How much you have earned (in a given date range)
  • Promo codes popularity and utilization
  • Packages popularity and utilization
  • Segmentations by client, group, package
  • Transfer to your bank account 

This report in particular is also helpful for understanding your year-end revenues, processing fees, and other pertinent business information.


Accessing your Payments Report

  • Navigate to Reports > Payments Report
  • This report can be run for individual members or for an entire organization.
  • Filter by desired date range
  • Once the report is generated it will appear in your Documents>Generated report area. 

Columns in the Payments Report:

  • Transaction Date & Time
  • Transaction Type
  • Unique ID
  • Client
  • Client Group
  • Provider Receiving Payment (The recipient can be selected via the package link that's shared or the dropdown when you input a charge from the provider's side)
  • Transaction Initiated By
  • Client's Provider (Provider that the client is assigned to in Healthie)
  • Original Price
  • Promo Code
  • Promo Code Value
  • Promo Code Discount
  • Gross Amount Paid
  • Stripe Fee
  • Net Amount Received
  • Currency
  • Payment TypeItem 
  • Purchased
  • Billing Frequency
  • Billing Period
  • Note
  • Invoice Id
  • Bank Transfer Type
  • Bank Transfer Initiated
  • Bank Transfer Status
  • Bank Transfer Expected

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