Healthie Product Roadmap

At Healthie, we're committed to equipping health and wellness providers with the best tools to grow their business and build better relationships with clients. We work hard every day to continue building our web and mobile platform in order to achieve this mission.

Our Product Roadmap shows you what we're currently building and what we plan to build in the near-term.

Our goal in sharing this roadmap is to communicate exciting updates to the platform as we build, and to provide transparency in what you can expect over the coming months. A couple of notes:

  • Our priorities may change, and we'll update this list as frequently as we can.
  • The items below are what our team considers *major* changes to the platform. We make regular updates (i.e., release dozens of smaller updates and fixes each month) to the web and mobile platform in addition to what's outlined below, and we make our best effort to include these in specific release notes.
  • We will add detail to items below as we finalize designs and scope of upgrades.

Q3 2020 releases (in progress):

  • Updates to the provider "Home" page to help providers prepare for what's coming up in their day (such as appointments) and to stay on top of priorities (such as tasks)
  • Redesign of Documents, including how resources can be uploaded, accessed, and shared
  • Improvements for understanding failed payment reasons and automatic alerts for client payment issues (such as expiring credit cards)
  • Addition of "Client Allergies" section to client profile, which will allow you to capture and store client food allergies, intolerances/sensitivities, and preferences
  • More data and metrics will pull in from wearable fitness trackers when synced with Healthie, including Apple Heath and Google Fit
  • Ability to make client packages visible to specific client groups
  • Design updates for Chat to improving the way you can engage with your clients
  • Ability to have multiple chart notes open at the same time, which will display in new tabs within the "Charting" area, for a more streamlined charting experience
  • Design updates for Healthie video calls (telehealth) that will create a more intuitive and flexible video call experience
  • Improved capability for providers working with families within Healthie, including the ability to link accounts and create a "child account" with parent permissions

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