Healthie Product Roadmap

To promote transparency and collaboration, and to empower you to prioritize your own product roadmap, we have released an overview of planned updates and new feature rollouts. We encourage you to subscribe to this page to receive updates on features you love and care about. 

You'll find our current roadmap on our Product Portal:

Prioritizing Roadmap Items 

At Healthie, we're committed to equipping virtual-first organizations  with the best tools to grow their business and build better relationships with clients. Healthie is a customer-first, product-led company. Our expansive feature-suite has been curated from the support & advocacy of the thousands of organizations that use and love our platform. 

We allocate development across three buckets: 
  • Core product maturation (includes: web & mobile platform, developer experience)
  • New products & features
  • Integrations with other tools you love

Disclaimers:  Each year, we will release thousands of items not indicated on this roadmap, and have limited this list to *major* updates.  Our priorities may change, and we'll update this tool as frequently as we can. 

Product Portal Overview 

Within our Product Portal, you'll find requests that are labeled as In Progress, Planned, Under Consideration, and Launched. If you do not see an item, you are welcome to use the Submit Idea option on the top right of the Product Portal.


The "In Development" tab of our Product Portal includes releases and feature enhancements that are actively being worked on by our engineering team. Typically, releases in development are expected to go live within 1-3 months, but this timeline is subject to change. 


The "Up Next" tab of our Product Portal shares information on updates that are on our roadmap, but are not yet in development. The Product and Engineering team have these items pinned to complete in the short-term (typically within 3-4 months). They will move to the "In Development" tab after this stage.


These are features and integrations that are planned for Healthie but do not yet have a timeline for release. Typically planned for within the next 6-18 months but timelines are subject to change. 


Items in the "Under Consideration" tab have been provided as insights to the Product Team. They are currently reviewing these requested items that include feature improvements, new features, and integration requests. If the item becomes an planned update to the platform, it will move to the "Up Next." There is no timeline available for items that are under consideration.

Note: Submitting a New Idea does not mean it will appear in the Under Consideration tab. It will funnel into Productboard to be triaged by the team and some of the popular or enterprise requests will bubble up to this tab to capture further feedback.


You probably guessed it, but the "Released" tab of the Product Portal are items that have already gone live. Feel free to review our monthly Release Notes, or check out our launched items for a comprehensive review of what's new at Healthie. With releases weekly (sometimes daily!) there's always something new to explore on the platform. 

Add Feedback to a Roadmap Item

Click on an existing roadmap item in the "In Development, Up Next, Long Term, or Under Consideration" stage. Scroll to give a rating on how important this update is for your business. You'll be prompted to include a description of your request, as well as to provide your email. Doing so will subscribe you to the item, and you'll be notified when a release goes live! You may be prompted to check your email to validate your request. This helps to keep spam bots at bay. 

Why provide additional details? Your feedback allows our Product Team to better understand how you'll use this feature. It helps them when designing a request, and also helps with prioritizing roadmap items. 

Submit a New Idea

Access the Product Portal:

Use the Submit Idea button on the top-right of the Product Portal. You'll be prompted to provide a description of your request, and an importance rating. 

  • Nice to Have - this would be cool, convenient, or useful 
  • Important  - this would solve a major need for you
  • Critical - without it, you'd consider switching to another product 

Once your idea has been submitted, it will be reviewed and organized by our Product team. We are always looking to improve the Healthie platform and the team has a lot of inputs to consider when trying to determine what to spend time/resources on. The reality is, not all requests will be built.

Please note that not every feature that is planned will be published to the Portal, as we are trying to ensure that we do not overwhelm our customers with too much information. If you have requested something that is not on the Portal, and if it gets built, you will be notified.

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