Healthie Product Roadmap

At Healthie, we're committed to equipping health and wellness organizations with the best tools to grow their business and build better relationships with clients. Healthie is a customer-first, product-led company. Our expansive feature-suite has been curated from the support & advocacy of the thousands of organizations that use and love our platform. 
Like you, we always want more, and work as hard as possible to deliver the best tools for your business and for your clients. We have ambitious and exciting plans for what's to come! 
To promote transparency and collaboration, and empower you to prioritize your own product roadmap, we have released an overview of planned updates and new feature rollouts. We encourage you to subscribe to this page to receive updates on features you love and care about. 
We allocate development across three buckets: 
1. Core product maturation (includes: web & mobile platform, API docs)
2. New products & features
3. Integrations with other tools you love

1. Each year, we will release thousands of items not indicated on this roadmap, and have limited this list to *major* updates

2. Our priorities may change, and we'll update this tool as frequently as we can. 

Healthie Product Roadmap

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