Deep dive: Programs Report

You can pull a detailed Programs Report within the Reports section of Healthie. This pulls information related to Programs / Courses you have created and shows you how clients have engaged with programs that you offer. 


Benefits of Programs Report

  • Seeing which client(s) have completed modules that you have shared and that are available to them, relative to a full program 
  • Running analyses on how engaged clients are, in Programs, by cohort, group, or Start Date
  • Tracking the number of clients enrolled in a particular program that you offer

Columns Included

The Programs Report Includes the Following Columns:

  • Program
  • Client
  • Client Email
  • Current Status
  • Client Group
  • Client's Provider
  • Enrolled
  • Start Date
  • Completed Modules
  • Available Modules
  • Total Modules


  • If you have multiple programs, each Program Report will show up in it's own .CSV file
  • The report is sorted by the "Enrolled" column, with the most recent date at the top
  • "Current status" shows whether a Client is Active or Archived at the time in which you pull the report (Learn more)
  • The "Completed Modules" column should be the number of modules that the client has completed from the program

Accessing the Programs Report

  • Navigate to Reports
  • Click on Organization Reports
  • Scroll to the top of the page and you will see a green bar
  • Select the "Generated Reports Link" (you might need to refresh the page after a few minutes if it does not appear immediately."
  • Click the three dots next the csv in documents and click download. 

There are two versions of this report:

  • Provider Programs Report
  • Organization Programs Report

Note: Only Group Practices / Organizations will be able to view the Organization Program Report. Depending on your specific organization settings, you may see one or both of these reports. 

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