Archiving and unarchiving clients

No longer actively working with a client? Remove them from your active client list by "Archiving" them. 


What happens when a client is archived

Your client files & records will be viewable in the "Archived" tab. You will still have full access to their information, and can always bring them back to Active status if you decide to work with them again. Client files are not deleted permanently. 

Archiving a client will also:

  • Remove them from groups
  • Remove them from any live group chats or message blasts/community chats
  • Remove the client from your notifications feeds (Incl. Fitbit entries)
  • Stop email reminders/push notification from being sent 
  • Prevent the client from booking an appointment 
  • Prevent new shared documents from being put into their account
  • Stop future program modules from being released to that client

By default, clients will still be able to take the following actions, even if they are archived (unless you manually disable these features for your client): 

  • Message their provider via Chat on an existing Chat thread. (You'll need to unarchive a client to Start a New Chat). 
  • View and participate in a Community Chat associated with their group (To remove a client from a Community chat, change the group so that the client does not have access). 
  • Log Journal Entries (you can disable journal entry logging for your client(s) following these instructions)
  • View documents you have made visible to them (you can un-share documents with your clients to remove visibility). 

Clients do not know that their account has been archived. 

How to archive a client, and bulk archive many clients at once

You can archive a client from within the "Client" tab in your Healthie account. You may want to archive a client when they are no longer working with you. Clients will not receive a notification that they have been archived, and they will continue to have access to their Healthie Client Portal, along with any resources you had previously shared with them. However, they will not be able to book appointments, interact in group chats, or receive any new resources. 

To archive a client: 

  • Go to the "Clients" tab on your Provider dashboard 
  • Select the Client
  • Find your client, and click the "Actions" tab (3 dots) next to their name 
  • Select "Archive" from the list

Bulk archive many clients at once

You also can archive several clients at one. Simply check the box next to your client's name within the client list. An "Archive" button will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click to bulk archive. A side-panel will display showing relevant each client you've selected, and if they have any remaining credits or money owed. Confirm your decision to archive these clients. 

View archived clients

Your archived clients are organized in your "Clients" within Healthie. Archived clients will display indefinitely.

To view archived clients: 

  • Go to the "Clients" tab on your Provider dashboard 
  • Select the "Archived Clients" tab 

Unarchive a client

You can easily move an archived client back to your active client list. You may want to do this if a client who was previously working with you has now revisited. 

To unarchive a client: 

  • Go to the "Clients" tab on your Provider dashboard 
  • Select the "Archived Clients" tab 
  • Find your client, and click the "Actions" tab (3 dots) next to their name 
  • Select "Activate" from the list

Deleting a client account

To prevent accidental data loss, and to ensure that our providers are maintaining requirements by HIPAA & healthcare industry standards for data storage and retention it is currently not possible for you to permanently delete a client from your account. 

If your previous clients are continuing to receive notifications for your portal, you can unsubscribe them from e-mail notifications. E-mail if you'd like assistance with this. 

Additional Notes

  • Clients will still be able to access their Healthie accounts to log food and workouts, view their profiles once you have archived them. 
  • If you try and add a client that is archived or active in the Healthie system under your provider account already, you will get the message "Email in use." 
  • Beginnings plan notes
    • If you are on Healthie's beginnings plan, you can have up to 5 active clients at a time, and an unlimited number of archived clients. Archived clients do not count towards your 5 active client count. 
    • If you have your calendar or package linked externally, and a 6th client attempts to book / buy services, they will NOT be blocked, and will be allowed to proceed as expected. You will receive a notification that your account status will be updated to the next level up, if you do not archive clients to go below the 5 active client threshold. 

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