Getting Started: Programs

Healthie's Programs Feature enables you to automatically distribute pre-loaded content to clients over a cadence of time. Content may include videos, quizzes, handouts, and surveys (with scoring capabilities). This tool is highly customizable to meet your particular workflow needs and can be used for delivering content, distributing e-mails and videos, and overall, building long-term relationships with your clients. 

Importantly, the programs feature within Healthie enables your clients to access materials within their client portal, and also discover and enroll in programs that may be a fit for their health and wellness needs.  

The Programs feature is available to all members on Healthie's Plus Plan and above.

Features of Healthie Programs

Programs enable you to build, compile, and distribute resources on a specific topic, to an audience of your choosing. The core tenant of a program is that it drips content out over the course of weeks and months, rather than sharing all information at once. Content in a program can include videos, e-mails, documents, surveys and quizzes, and links to external websites.

Programs can be used as lead generation tools (and given to clients for free), as a part of an encompassing online program, or as an add-on service that clients can purchase directly from you (and, via Healthie). Clients appreciate receiving guidance over time, in digestible formats that enable them to build successful habits or achieve specific goals. Wellness programs can also be used to deliver branded programs, like the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Utilize the Healthie Programs feature to: 

Learn how to create your first program here.

Building an Online Program

Here are some resources to help you begin building and running your online program. 

Track Program and Client Progress

Launching a program allows you to help educate, and work with, several clients at once. Staying informed on your clients' progress is important, so Healthie has built-in tools to help you. 

Client Profile: 

Navigate to a client's profile. By scrolling down, you'll see a "Programs" section. This will tell you which programs your client is (or has) been enrolled in, as well as their current progress. Click the three dots to see actions you can take, including 

1. View Details: see a comprehensive report of your client's progress through a program 

2. Nudge Client: send them an email notification reminding them to complete their next module. 

Learn more about tracking your client's progress in a program here

Program Notifications 

Want to receive more real-time notifications? Navigate to the Settings gear icon in Healthie > Notifications. 

From here you'll be able to adjust email and push notifications you receive on behalf of your clients. For Programs, you have the option of receiving updates when a client has completed a program module or an entire program. Simply check the box next to these notification settings if you'd like to receive an email. 

Clients will receive no more than 1 email notification per day regardless of how many modules become available to a client on the same day.

Archive a Program

If you no longer wish to no longer offer a program, you have the option to archive it.

  • Programs > Locate your program
  • Click the down arrow next to Edit to expand the options
  • Click Archive

A modal will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to archive the program. Please note the following:

  • Archiving a program will archive it for your entire organization.
  • The program will be removed from any packages that it is currently added to. This will prevent clients from purchasing a package that contains a program you no longer offer.
  • Clients already enrolled in the program will continue to have access to the program, and can complete the program if they have not already.

Best Practices for Programs

Programs can be used in a wide range of ways, depending on your business goals, and client-base. Here are some common ways Healthie providers use Programs, that may be applicable for your business. 

1. Run a 12-week online group on a particular topic

e.g., a weight loss program: Every Tuesday at 7 pm, for 12 weeks, participants log onto Healthie in a group video chat (via Zoom) and a provider will walk through a topic of interest (e.g., Mindful Eating). Following this live session, participants receive relevant handouts and a short quiz. At the culmination of a program, all participants receive a survey to rate their satisfaction. This data can then be aggregated 

2. Distribute content as part of a corporate wellness offering

Employees of a corporate wellness environment receive weekly videos on a particular topic, as well as a handout and short quiz. Once a month, employees participate in a group lunch and learn (virtual or in-person). Throughout the duration of a program, employees have access to Healthie's client logging and messaging platform to build accountability and relationships with a Healthie provider. At the end of a program, data and outcomes can be aggregated to evaluate efficacy.

3. Provide reference material

Whether it's content for a corporate wellness program, or a nutrition guide for a single client, the education tool is an excellent way to provide reference material. 

You don’t have to worry about your clients forgetting or misremembering your guidance. Your clients don’t have to worry about losing printed material. 

The scalability of this tool makes it an ideal way to distribute these kinds of materials to groups of all sizes.

4. Create bonus material for packages

Bonus materials are a highly effective way of adding value to your packages and setting yourself apart from the competition. 

This strategy makes your practice more marketable and enhances the level of care you provide. Having valuable material will boost client satisfaction and retention. 

5. Create an online course for sale 

Creating multiple revenue streams is an excellent way to stabilize your practice, especially if it’s still new. 

Selling a course through Client Packages is an excellent source of passive income and a way for you to provide care to as many people as possible. 

6. Distribute feedback surveys 

Feedback surveys are a great way to continually improve your practice and care. 

The information you receive will give you ideas for new services, ways you can improve, and insights into how your clients think. 

Program FAQs

Can I set a cap on program participants? 

While you cannot set a cap on program participants, if your program is part of a package that includes group appointments, you may set a cap on the number of participants that can sign up for the group appointment. 

Can I change the order of programs on the Programs Page?

Enterprise customers can reach out to for assistance in customizing program order.

Additional Resources

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This brief overview video walks through the core features of Healthie Programs, including creating and managing your programs. 

Prefer to learn live? We also recommend that you join our Deep Dive Programs Webinar to learn more on how to create a program and how to advertise your program to your clients. Sign up: Deep Dive Program Webinar

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