Import Client Data into Healthie

Transitioning from another EMR platform or have your client information stored somewhere outside of Healthie? 

Healthie offers a one-time import of your data from another EMR platform as part of joining Healthie. This is included on a paid Healthie plan.

If you still need to choose a subscription plan, please reach out to for more information on our Plans & Pricing. 


Data Sources

We accept Data Imports from the following sources:

  • An Excel File
  • Another EHR Platform (in .csv or .xls format)

Note: Data quality in = Data quality out. 

Prior to uploading an import into the Healthie platform, we strongly recommend reviewing your data fields to ensure there is clear mapping to fields in Healthie. 

Initiate a Data Import

As part of your implementation, we will process a one-time import of your client information. 

For group practices and organizations

Please complete this Imports Questionnaire to initiate your Import

For individual practitioners

To initiate a Data Import:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab on your Healthie dashboard. 
  2. Under the "Add Client" button, click on the "Need to Import Clients?" link. 

  3. From here, you can upload either:
    1. A file containing client information downloaded from another EHR (systems typically offer files in .zip, .csv, or .pdf format)

    2. A downloadable spreadsheet template provided by Healthie in which you can organize your client's information and reupload the platform

  4. Submit your request to the Healthie team. Once submitted, you will see a confirmation that your request has been submitted, and the date and time of the upload. 

  5. We will follow up with any questions that we have about your import. The most common questions we have are: 
    1. Which group you'd like clients to be assigned to
    2. Whether you'd like a Welcome E-mail to be sent to clients upon upload
    3. Clarification on columns that you may have in your spreadsheet(s), and the mapping to fields in Healthie
  6. We will then process and run the import, and notify you via e-mail when your import has been completed. 

Limitations with Data Imports

We do our absolute best to transfer all data, materials, documents, and even calendars from your old system into Healthie. Depending on the limitations / restrictions that your former EHR has placed, there may be limitations on the type of data that can be transferred from your old system and Healthie. As an example,

  • Some EMR platforms only allow an export of previous chart notes as PDF documents. On Healthie, this means that previous chart notes will be attached to a client’s record as a PDF. 
  • Some EMR platforms charge you a fee for exporting client records. This fee cannot be covered by Healthie. 
  • We will make our best efforts to pull in credit card information from your existing payment processor if that payment processor is Stripe. It will depend on: 
    • Whether your stripe account enables us to pull information
    • Whether your stripe account is connected to another platform, or if you have a direct Stripe account
    • Unfortunately, we cannot pull credit card stored information from Square, Acuity, or other payment processing systems. These guidelines are set to protect client credit card information. What we recommend: that you add "Billing Info" to your intake flow within Healthie, and as part of transition, request that clients securely enter their information to store within Healthie. 

Best Practices

Scheduling future appointments & taking notes during the transition process

There will be a period of time where you have two EHRs active. Most organizations select a "cut off" date, during which their team is informed to use Healthie for scheduling sessions & charting on clients. E.g., if you are migrating in the month of March, can let team members know to book all appointments after March 15th in Healthie.

Imports: FAQs

What is the best format to upload client information?

When uploading the documents for a client import, we'd recommend ensuring that the file(s) containing patients' information (e.g. first name, last name, email) are in a CSV format and any documents (e.g. images, forms, notes) are organized by client within individual folders. Something like the following layout would help ensure the patients' information can be readily imported. Once done, we'd recommend compressing the folder that contains all of the files (in this case the 'example_import' folder), labeling it something like 'ImportForHealthie', and uploading it.


Where in my existing EMR platform is data held?

Every platform will store their data backup in its own place. Key terms you may see are "Backup" and "Download my files" - this is often available in the "Account settings' section of your profile. 

What happens if my EMR platform does not export data? 

If your existing EMR does not export data you need, or does not do any exports at all, please message our team to see how we can help you with this transition. 

How long does data import take? 

We make every effort to import data as quickly as possible. Typically, these requests will take 10-15 business days, but may take more or less time depending on complexity and amount of data and/or how many follow up questions our team has about your import. Once you submit an import request, we will let you know if your request will fall in our standard 10-15 business days, or fall outside of that range based on the complexity, thoroughness, and amount of data you are importing into Healthie.  

Is there a limitation to file storage in Healthie? 

No. We do not place limits in terms of how much storage can be held in your account.

What are best practices moving data from Simple Practice to Healthie?

Simple Practice will provide you with an export of your information in a zip file, and we ingest it from there. The file contains client contact information and PDF documents (chart notes, intake forms, etc, are included as PDF, so we ingest them as PDFs). 

On our Enterprise Plan, we are also able to migrate future calendar appointments from Simple Practice onto your team's Healthie calendars. 

Can you import previous chat messages from other platforms?

You can upload chat history from your previous platform as a Private Document within Healthie. However, these will not appear in your Healthie chat. 

. For Organizations on our Enterprise Plan, we can look into importing chat messages for you. In order for us to review, please complete an Import Request Form. You would need to add columns of the conversation name, message, sender, receiver, e-mail of provider, e-mail of client, and date of the message. Note: We cannot guarantee that chat messages can be imported, and this may be subject to an additional fee.

Additional questions?

Contact or message our live chat, and we’d be more than happy to help you with this process. 

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