Resources for your clients

Providing an exceptional client experience is fundamental for the success for your business and for your clients. Your client’s experience begins from the very first touch-point, and very likely from their first call. As you onboard your clients, Healthie allows you to create a tailored and professional client onboarding experience that naturally flows into your subsequent sessions.

Client Support Guide

You can share this link with clients as a help guide that they can bookmark as they navigate Healthie

Healthie - Client Support Guide

You may also find this link helpful as you understand the client experience on Healthie

Free Handouts to Utilize

For Healthie members, you are welcome to download the following handouts. 

Introduce Healthie to Your Clients (PDF) - A single-page handout that introduces your client's to their Client Portal. 

Introduce Healthie to Your Clients (Word Doc) - Feel free to customize this version for your client-base and practice services. 

Client Resources (PDF) – Download our client-friendly handouts sharing tips and best practices for each of Healthie’s core features such as video chat, food logging, metrics logging, and more.

Looking for specific resources for your clients or product images that you can use to create your own? Please email us at

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