Part 2: Client Engagement on Healthie

After setting up your Healthie account, you are ready to start working with clients. This guide walks through client-facing features available to you through Healthie, as well as how you can add your clients to the platform.

Here's a video walkthrough of Part 2: Client Engagement on Healthie. Feel free to pause the video, as you set up your account. You'll find more recorded tutorial videos like this at Healthie University

1. Customize automated client emails

Healthie is designed to be customized for your business, brand, and clients. To minimize administrative tasks, Healthie sends out automated emails that you can set up for your business, such as a welcome e-mail or appointment confirmation e-mail. You are able customize these e-mail templates (Settings > Email Templates). 

Healthie's E-mail templates builder has pre-loaded content that you are welcome to modify based on how you planning engaging with clients. 

2. Establish client journaling & metrics logging

One of the core beliefs that is brought into the design of Healthie, is the ability for wellness providers to connect and engage with clients. Improving the health and wellness of your clients through changes in habits and behavior is hard, which is why increasing client engagement is essential to help your clients reach their health and wellness goals. 

Healthie's Journaling feature enables clients to log key nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle information into their platform. As a provider, you are able to customize this experience for your clients, as well as view, comment, and react to client entries as part of providing longitudinal engagement with your clients to augment care. 

With Healthie’s Metric feature, you can monitor and graph metrics like weight, height, BMI, or body fat percentages as well as create custom metrics to track for each client. Also, Healthie Metrics can be viewed and tracked from both desktop and mobile devices, for convenient logging. Healthie's metrics platform syncs with devices and platforms like Fitbit, Apple Health, GoogleFit, and iHealth scales to automatically pull in client information for your review. 

You are able to adjust client journal entries and metrics tracked (Navigate to Settings > Journal Entries). You can adjust important settings for your clients, so that they can see (or not see) certain features, and receive (or not receive) notifications. These settings can be adjusted on a global, group, and individual level. Learn more about customizing client settings here

We also suggest adding yourself as a test client or adding a family member/friend so that you can gain first-hand knowledge of the client logging and metrics tracking experience. 

3. Launch a telehealth session

Launch a telehealth session for your client(s). Healthie's HIPAA-compliant video call (telehealth) solution enables you to conduct both one-on-one and group virtual sessions. With Healthie's Video Call system, you can host video call sessions, conduct webinars and classes, record sessions, and hold meetings with multiple participants. 

4. Share documents with clients 

Healthie's Documents database is your repository of PDFs, Word Documents, Powerpoints, Ebooks, Images and even videos (mp4s) that you'd like to store internally, and share with your clients electronically. Documents can also be easily shared among all practitioners in your organization, as a main client resources hub as well as directly share these resources with your clients. You are able to create folders to organize the documents that you upload. 

5. Chat with your clients

Healthie's chat feature enables you to securely message and communicate with your clients, from within the web platform, and through the mobile apps. With Healthie's chat feature, you can message your clients one-on-one, create group chats, send message blasts, and even message other wellness providers in your organization. This is a powerful way to stay engaged with clients in between sessions, as well as securely discuss health information. Many providers also use the Chat platform to discuss appointment logistics, as it is often faster than e-mail and/or phone conversations back and forth. 

There are four types of Chat available in Healthie:

1. One-on-one chat with a client: You are able to create one-on-one conversations with clients to communicate with them in between sessions. Here are instructions to create a chat conversation with one of your clients. 

2. Community chats: Healthie allows you to set up community chats (group conversations) for clients - these may be clients within a group, program you are offering, or as a general specialty need (e.g., similar health goals). Many wellness providers offer access to an exclusive Community Chat as a value-add service. Community Chats can be used in a more secure way to engage with a group of clients, versus using a social platform. 

In a community chat, clients can share text, photos, and documents with each other. This is helpful to hold groups of clients, or families, accountable together.

Clients will be able to see each others' initials, but clients will not be able to view each other's profile or any other information. Please make sure clients have signed appropriate waivers & notices with regards to HIPAA and protection of client names before creating a group conversation. Providers must be the one to initiate a community chat, and must be in a community chat, as for security and privacy, clients cannot initiate a conversation privately.

3. Message Blasts: Message Blasts allow you to send individual chat messages to multiple clients at once. Clients do not know that you are sending this message to multiple clients, and clients will not see each other's names, e-mail, and other personal information. 

To the clients it seems like a personalized message, meaning they don’t see you have sent the same message to other clients. Think of it as a "bcc" in an email thread. 
There are many possible ways in which you can leverage the Message Blast feature within Healthie, in order to communicate effectively with clients. Here are three ways you can use Message Blasts:
  • Offer a promotion, for a particular package, and send a message blast to clients letting them know. 
  • Notify clients of updates to your availability that may be different from your standard offerings.
  • Check-in on your clients (en masse) to see how they are doing, and if you can be helpful in providing them accountability in any way.

4. Internal Group Conversations: If you are part of a team that uses Healthie, you can set up internal group conversations in order to communicate internally with other providers. 

6. Set up your Goals platform to hold clients accountable

One way to promote client engagement, and success, is by collaborating with clients to create realistic, and achievable wellness goals. Setting wellness goals with your clients provides them with the  actions they need to take, and the direction they need to move in. 

Healthie's Goals platform makes it easy to set individual goals for clients, while also saving goals as favorites to re-use across clients. You are able to track your client's progress by setting goals for your client to "check-off" and monitor streaks to keep clients motivated over a long period of working with you. 

We recommend using this feature, which clients can access on a regular basis from their web and mobile portals, to accomplish their goals over a period of time working with you. 

7. Build a program for clients to complete online

Healthie's Programs Feature enables you to automatically distribute pre-loaded content to clients over a cadence of time. Content may include videos, quizzes, handouts, and surveys (with scoring capabilities). This tool is highly customizable to meet your particular workflow needs and can be used for delivering content, distributing e-mails and videos, and overall, building long-term relationships with your clients. 

Importantly, the programs feature within Healthie enables your clients to access materials within their client portal, and also discover and enroll in programs that may be a fit for their health and wellness needs.  

Programs are an incredibly powerful way to automatically drip-out content over a period of time, and provide ongoing engagement in a way that scales. Here are some common ways that Programs are used: 

  • Run a 12-week online group on a particular topic
  • Distribute content as part of a corporate wellness offering
  • Provide reference material
  • Create bonus material for packages
  • Create an online course for sale 
  • Distribute feedback surveys 

8. Add your clients to Healthie 

There are a few ways that clients get added to your Healthie account. You can manually add a client, or they can be added automatically when they purchase a package or book an appointment with you from a link you have shared; if a client is added through a package or appointment booking, you will receive a notification letting you know.

The most direct way is to manually add a client to Healthie within your Healthie platform: 

  • Navigate to the Clients tab on your provider dashboard
  • Click the "Add Client" button on the right-hand side 
  • Add your client's details. If you don't have this information, you can always collect it later and update their profile. However, you MUST enter a client's email address if you would like them to receive the invitation to join Healthie, email appointment reminders, and have access to your Intake Flow (any electronic paperwork you've created). 

Once you add a client to Healthie, they will receive an invitation email and are prompted to create a password to login to their Healthie Client Portal. Learn more about inviting clients to Healthie here

Clients can access their Healthie Client Portal from both the web browser and the mobile app, available for iOS and Android. It's the same website login, and app, that you use as a provider, but clients will use their own email and password to log in. 

Need to import clients? If you have clients listed in a spreadsheet, or if you’d like to move clients over from another software system, the Healthie team can help you. Email us at and include details about what you’d like to do.

No longer working with a client?  Once a client has been added to Healthie, they will continue to have access to their Healthie Client Portal indefinitely. If you are no longer working with a client and do not want to see updates on your Provider Feed (e.g., new journal entry posts), you can archive your client. Archiving does not delete any information, but it will prevent clients from messaging with you, booking a session, or making a purchase. Learn more about archiving a client here

Additional Resources

Live Classes

To continue with account set up, we suggest that you join our Live Classes to best learn the Healthie features and to set up your account along with our team. Our Live Classes recur weekly and are open to all members. 

Join our Live Classes below: 

If at any time you feel that you need one-on-one training, our team is here to support you. Send us an email:

Resources for clients

Healthie has several resources that you are welcome to use, to help you share your online platform with your clients, and make it easy for them to work with you online. 

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