Adding a test client to Healthie

We recommend adding yourself as a test client so you can see a sample client's experience in Healthie. 

How to add yourself as a test client

To add a test client, click on the Clients tab in the left menu > Add Client.

When creating your test client account you must use an email different than the email you are using to log into your existing provider account. 

* You can create as many test client accounts with the same email address, just enter a different name each time*

Once you select Add, you can either sign out of the platform as a provider by going to the Gear  Icon > Sign Out. 

* If you exited out of the window it will log you back as a provider when you go to*

Next, check the secondary email inbox for the invite email.

Click on “ Accept this invite” or “Accept Invite” to create a password.

Once you create a password, you will automatically be logged in as a client. 

View a provider and client account simultaneously 

To test the provider and client account simultaneously, have one account in one browser and the other in a different browser. You cannot view both accounts in the same browser. (For eg. use Chrome for your provider account and Safari for your client account). The same Healthie app is used for both providers and clients to sign in. If you have already downloaded and signed into the Healthie app as a provider, you can logout and log back in using your "test client" email address and password. 

Additionally, if you've used the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS for both your provider account and client test account, you can easily toggle between the two. 

When logged into Healthie, you'll see on the TOP that you are "Logged in As..." with a SWITCH button. Click "Connect" to the account that you would like to switch to. If you have a " test client" within Healthie, this will make it easier for you to toggle between your provider/client accounts. 

Suggested Scenarios to Test Via Your Client Account

Once you have created your test client account, you can find recommended workflows to test out/consider with our Test Client Scenarios guide here.

Additional Resources 

We suggest that you review our "Welcome" video designed for clients, as well as browse our Help Guide specifically for clients.

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