"Note" Journaling Feature

Journaling is a powerful way to track clients' progress and engage with them directly. To further enhance Healthie's journaling feature, we've added a new category: Notes. 

Notes offers a free-text way for clients to log their thoughts, progress, reflections, symptoms, and more. Providers will see "Notes" entries directly in their feed, alongside food journal entries, metrics posts, and activity logs. Comment directly on a Notes entry to give real-time feedback and support to your clients. 

How to enable "Note" logging for your client(s) 

By default, Notes is turned off for all of your clients. You can enable Notes for all of your clients, a group of clients, or a specific client by navigating to your Client Settings > Notes > Check the settings boxes (see below) > Save

There are two settings pertaining to notes: 

  1. Client can post general notes: this setting will allow clients to see the "Note" journaling option and to free-text their thoughts.  
  2. Client can track their mood as part of a note entry: as an added setting to the "Note" tool, clients can also see several mood emojis, which they can tab to quickly relay their mood. The options include: happy, stressed, tired, confident, or anxious. If you prefer, you can keep this setting disabled for all or some of your clients. 

Your client(s) experience with Notes 

Clients are able to log Notes when logged into their Healthie Client Portal from a web browser or from the Healthie Mobile App. Most clients choose to journal from the app, due to its convenience. 

From their home screen, clients will click/tap the "Note" icon. A window will display that will allow them to free-text their entry. If "mood" is enabled, clients will also see several mood emojis, which they can click/tap to apply. 

By default, the date/time of the entry is recorded for the time that the client initiates their note. They can adjust the date/time by clicking the edit/pencil icon (ie. to log a note from earlier in the day). Once posted, clients can see all of their logged entries, and can edit any posts as needed. 

Reviewing Note entries 

As with all journaling entries in Healthie, there are two places where you can review client entries:

1. View Notes your provider dashboard

  • Log into Healthie from a web browser or the mobile app
  • Click/Tap the tab "Journal Entries" located at the top of your main dashboard 
  • Here you'll see a list of all recent client entries 
  • Filter by clicking "Entry Type" on the top-right > Notes

2. View Notes from your client's profile 

If you prefer to see only one clients entries: 

  • Navigate to Clients > Select your client 
  • Click/tab "Journal" from the profile menu 
  • Here you'll see a list of all of your client's entries 
  • Filter by clicking "Entry Type" on the top-right > Notes

An example of a "Note" entry is below. If you have the "mood" setting enabled, the emoji/mood will display on the top-right of the entry. 

Leave a comment by typing into the comment box and/or respond with a "Quick Reaction" by tapping one of the emoji icons. 

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