Create a QR Code with your packages and sessions

Using Healthie's Sharing Links for Calendar and Packages, you can create a QR Code which makes it easy for prospective clients to learn about your services, book a session, and/or purchase a package from you. 

QR Code: Overview: 

A QR Code is a machine readable label. In the context of Healthie, it can enable clients to quickly scan an image, using a mobile device camera, and be sent to a unique URL of your choosing. Clients, or prospective clients, can then be guided to a specific action, e.g., to purchase a package, book a session, or log into your online portal.

Examples of where to place your QR code: 

  • Handouts / brochures that market your business (you can share these in your local community, with referring providers, etc
  • Business card


  • It is often easier and faster for clients to quickly scan a QR code from their phone, versus typing in your website or a URL, if they are learning about your services. This would be the case, for example, if they came across a physical handout or brochure
  • It is similarly easier and faster for office staff / referring providers to scan a QR code to register prospective clients from a mobile device, and enabling client to sign up for a session / purchase a package from you, as opposed to typing in a URL. 

Additional use cases for a QR Code: 

  • Embed links to purchase a package / book a session
  • Link to your website
  • Existing clients: URL to Sign into the Web Portal or Mobile App
    • URL for Web Portal Log In:
    • URL for Mobile app (iOS):
    • URL for Mobile app (Android):

Creating your QR Code: 

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