Create an itemized receipt through Superbill Feature

There may be an instance that you'd like to use Healthie's Superbill feature to create an itemized receipt for your clients. We recommend taking a look at Invoices to see if it'd be applicable. Please note, that for all services, products, and programs purchased via Client Packages, a receipt is automatically generated and shared with clients upon purchase. 

Create a receipt / invoice using Superbills

  • Navigate to Billing > Superbills
  • New Super Bill > Select Client > Create
  • Complete Superbill fields under Provider Information & Service Information
  • In "Final Steps", 1. Remove Diagnosis, 2. Remove Billing Items, and Click "Add Line Item" 
    • Add the Line Items that you'd like to include in this receipt
  • Complete Superbill

As with a Superbill, you can then elect to Share this with your Client, upon which he/she will receive an e-mail with link to access the receipt you have created.

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