Announcements to clients

*This feature is not yet live within Healthie - we will update this post when this becomes available. Note: Depending on your Healthie plan, there may be an additional fee to use Announcements*

There may be an instance in which you would like to share services, promotions, or offerings with your clients. You may be announcing these features on social media, newsletter lists, and/or in person or during sessions.

Healthie's Announcements feature allows you to promote anything that you'd like to share with clients, within the Healthie platform (web and mobile app), and you are able to customize your announcements per Client Group

Announcements: Getting Started

Navigate to Settings > Announcements > Add an Announcement

  • Enter details about the Name, Title Groups that Announcement should be visible to, Cover Image, and Description

Published announcements will then appear within a Client's Portal on the Home Page, and in the Mobile App

Manage Announcements

You are able to centrally view and manage your announcements. When you navigate to Announcements, and you have Announcements set up, you will be able to edit and turn off announcements that you have created. 

If you are part of a Group Practice / Organization that uses Healthie, and do not see Announcements in your Navigation Menu, please check with your site administrator, to confirm that they have set up permissions for you to Add Announcements on behalf of the Company. 

Announcements: Example uses

  • Appointment Hours / Changes
  • Important messages about changes in your policies
  • Share / promote an available class or upcoming webinar
  • Market products, classes, Client Packages, or sessions

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