Overview: Client Groups

Client Groups

You can organize clients into groups within your log-in. This is used for: 

  • Distributing particular intake forms to different groups of clients (e.g., you may want your weight loss clients to fill out different forms than pediatric clients) 
  • Automatically placing clients into group conversations, or sending message blasts to a group
  • Automatically sharing documents, folders, or education courses
  • Enabling visibility / access for certain client packages

Creating groups

Select the Client tab in the main dashboard. 

Adding clients to a group

When you add a new client to Healthie, you'll be able to sort them automatically into a Group. 

To change the group that a client is in, please go into their Profile > Actions > Personal Information. 

Select the group you'd like to move the client into, in the drop down. 

Deleting a Group

Changing the group of a client

Best practices: Managing clients through groups

  • Clients can only be a part of one group. If you have a common overlap between two groups, we recommend creating a third group for this instance.