Reporting Dashboards

The Healthie Reports feature is designed to keep you informed about all client, appointment, and financial activity. 

Many reports, apart from being downloadable as a .CSV file, also have an accompanying dashboard view. Reporting Dashboards take aggregate data from your reports, and create a visual report. This allows you to gain insights into your business at a glance. 

There are planned updates to release Reporting Dashboards for all Healthie reports, and we'll update this article as the releases go live. By default, dashboard will display data from current month - a forthcoming update will allow you to adjust the date range. 

Appointments Report Dashboard

The Appointments Report allows reconcile client appointments by provider, by location, and run analyses on appointment no-show rates, amongst other needs. Generate the Appointments Report by navigating to Reports > Appointments Report > Click DOWNLOAD button (top right) > Select Date Range > Generate Report. 

The Appointments Dashboard visually displays key data from your Appointments Report. 

At a glance, the Appointments Dashboard communicates: 

  • Total appointments booked in a time period 
  • Average number of appointments per day 
  • Busiest day of the week 
  • Breakdown of appointment types booked
  • Status of appointments

Toggle over to the filter "By Status" to see appointment details relevant to the status of the appointment (occurred, rescheduled, cancelled, no-show, or no status) 

If you are part of an organization, you will also see enhanced dashboard options, including the ability to filter data for each specific provider. Click the " All Providers" button at the top of the Reporting Dashboard, and deselect/select which provider(s) you'd like to filter data for > Apply 

A bar graph view will display for each provider, showing the total number of appointments booked (for the selected time period) as well as which appointment types. Hover over each provider bar in the graph for more details. 

Using the Date Picker

When you open up the dashboard, by default, the dashboard will show data from the last 30 days. 

To adjust the date filter, click on that button and you can select a set date range or set a custom date range. To assist, next to each range of time you can see the exact calendar dates it will display data for. 

When you click on the "Custom" option, you can select the date range using a calendar, or choose from any of the set date ranges listed on the left side.

When you log back in, the most recent date selection will automatically apply to the reports dashboard. 

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