Share programs with colleagues

If you've built a Program, you can easily share it with colleagues who also use Healthie for their use in their own Healthie accounts.  

Share a Program Within Your Organization 

If you are in the same Healthie account as this colleague, e.g., within the same Organization, please navigate to Organization permissions > Other Permissions > Can Create and Edit Programs

This will give your team member access to the Programs tab, as well as the ability to create and/or edit programs. 

Share a Program Outside of Your Organization

When you share a program with a colleague not in your Organization, the system will create a copy of it (at that point in time) and add it directly to their account. Any modifications that this colleague makes will   not affect your version of the Program. Moreover, your colleague will not be able to re-share the Program directly with other providers.

To share a Program with a colleague not in your organization, please do the following: 

  • Navigate to Programs
  • Find the Program you want to share.
  • Click on the drop down menu next to "Edit."
  • Click on "Share with colleague." 

  • Enter the email address that is associated with the provider's account. 
  • Click Share to send your program. 
  • When you click "Share", the receiving provider will get an e-mail indicating that you've shared a Program with them, and the form will appear in their Program section of their Healthie account. 


  • Please make sure you use the e-mail address that the colleague uses to sign into Healthie, otherwise they will not receive the Program
  • To protect provider privacy, if you enter an invalid e-mail address (e.g., an email address that is not that of a provider), you will not receive any error message indicating a failure to share a Program

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