Overview of Healthie's Group Practice and Organization Features

Healthie's multi-provider capabilities enable group practices and organizations to share resources, collaborate across clients, and maintain custom permissions surrounding core business needs to streamline operations, promote cross-collaboration, and offer coordinated care to clients. 


Collaboration features in Healthie 

Healthie's Organization features enable providers, administrators, assistants, billers, and IT professionals to access a shared, HIPAA-compliant web and mobile portal to streamline back office operations and improve front-line coordination of care with clients. 

Features that promote collaboration in Healthie include:

  • Calendar & appointment: View calendars for all providers across an organization, schedule appointments on behalf of your colleagues. 
  • Billing: Share one common bank account or create multiple. Share packages and track payments across an organization. 
  • Documents: Share documents with providers across your organization 
  • Client visibility settings: Share clients with other providers to create a coordinated Care Team
  • Intake forms + Charting Templates: Build intake forms and charting templates once, and share them directly with providers in your organization. 
  • ... and more.

Setting up your Organization

To set up your Organization, Log into Healthie > Click the Settings wheel (gear icon> Settings > Organization. You will be asked to include basic information about your organization, and then be prompted to add in your team members. 

Customize settings for each organization member

Within Healthie, you have the ability to customize the experience/capabilities for each of your organization members. To access this panel of settings:

  • Settings (top right) > Organization
  • Scroll down to "Members" 
  • Now you'll see all of your organization members, and can "EDIT" each one to customize their settings (or add a new member) 

Here is a review of some of the settings that you can adjust. To activate a setting, make sure to check off the box.

General member settings: 

  • Member name and email and status (ie. active) 
  • Member role (standard or support) 
  • Designate an admin account 
  • Give member ability to adjust global organization settings 

Client Visibility Permissions: 

  • Clients will see member as an available organization provider 
  • Member can see/search all organization clients (not just those associated with their account) 
  • Member can add or archive clients 
  • Clients can start a new chat conversation with member

Calendar & Appointment Permissions

  • Member can view other organization member calendars, availability and edit or delete appointments 
  • Member can edit/delete their own appointments 
  • Appointment notifications for member

Billing Permissions 

  • Member can see billing information and charge clients,
  • Member can edit/create superbills and CMS 1500 claims 
  • Member can create and share their own packages

Other Permissions: 

  • Member can edit forms and charting templates
  • View incoming faxes
  • Can delete faxes for the organization 
  • Adjust/add other organization members 
  • Create and edit programs 
  • Have their own branding 
  • Generate reports 
  • Members should utilize the same Fullscript account as the other organization members 
  • Merge clients 

And many other settings.

Additional Resources

Our team is here to help you set up your account and/or onboard new providers. Send us an email at hello@gethealthie.com to book a one-on-one session with your designated Customer Success representative. 

For a walk-through of the key account and features for multi-provider accounts, watch our deep-dive video below. 

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