Client Tags

Healthie's client groups feature is a powerful way to organize clients, and enable specific automations based on categorization of the client. Client Tags can be used as an additional way to assign particular attributes to Clients, and also apply automations / take bulk action on a set of clients. 

While clients can only be assigned to one group, clients can have an unlimited number of tags. 

Getting Started: Client Tags

Navigate to Clients > Manage Tags to see a list of Tags you have created, and to create a new one

Within your Clients List, you will be able to apply tag(s) to particular clients. Use a comma to separate Tags when adding multiple Tags at once. 

Hover over a Tag in the client list to see all associated Tags for the client. 

Using tags in your workflow

In forthcoming updates, there will be several use cases & benefits to incorporating these into your workflow, including:

  • Make Programs visible based on a Client's Tag
  • Filter clients by Tag in your Clients List, Reports, and other places within the platform
  • Use tags to target Chat messages

FAQs: Client Tags

How can I remove a tag from a client?

If you navigate to the Client Overview Screen, you'll be able to remove a tag from a client

How do you recommend that we use tags in conjunction with Groups?

A client will still be assigned to one, and only one, group. We recommend using Tags as a way to filter & sort clients to take specific actions in the platform.

As you make updates to the tags feature, will the tags that I create be saved?
Yes, absolutely. Existing tags that you have created and applied to clients will not go away, as we make updates to the feature. So yes, please go ahead and start using them, knowing that we're building out more functionality along the way.

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