Change a Client's Group

If you'd like to change a client's group, you may do so from their client profile. 

Change a Single Client's Group 

  • Navigate to the Clients tab and select the client
  • Go to "Actions" from the top profile menu 
  • Expand the "Personal Information" section 
  • Find the "Group" field
  • Select the desired group from the dropdown

Note: When you change a client's group, they will be prompted to complete any paperwork associated with their new group. If a client is archived, they will NOT receive any notifications, and will remain archived. 

Bulk Change Clients' Group

If you'd like to change multiple clients' groups, you can use the bulk-edit function in Healthie 

  • Navigate to the Client's tab in Healthie 
  • Select the clients whose group you'd like to change 
  • Click the Actions button > "Change Group" that appears at the bottom of the screen 
  • Select the intended group from the drop-down menu 

Note: When the group of a client changes, they continue to have access to forms and documents that they currently have access to, in addition to any new forms and documents that are included in client's new group. However, when change your client's group at any point, whether it be manually or when they book an appointment or purchase a package associated with a specific group, the client will be prompted to fill out the intake flow for the new group. 

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