FAQs: Evexia E-Labs Integration

Healthie has integrated with third-party partners to enable the fulfillment of E-Labs within Healthie and for streamlined coordination across the Lab Companies, our organizations, and your clients. This article contains information on Healthie's integration with Evexia Diagnostics

This integration is currently in early stage testing, and is expected to be able to providers in Q1 2022. 

Note: there is a separate integration with Quest Diagnostics. Learn more here

Frequently Asked Questions (Evexia Diagnostics E-Labs)

Who can order labs through Evexia? 

Licensed and non-licensed providers can create an Evexia account to place lab orders for clients.

For practitioners residing in NY, NJ, RI, or Puerto Rico, lab ordering is not supported. This is due to legislation regarding lab ordering in these states, and is not determined by Healthie. If there are updates to the legislation, we will notify our community members. 

When are lab orders processed? 

Lab orders will be generated within 3-4 hours once purchased through Healthie. Requisition orders can be found in the Labs tab of the provider account.  

Lab order results are available within 30 days of client providing the blood draw at a Quest Lab Draw site.  

Are there any restrictions for clients? 

Lab ordering is not available to clients residing in NY, NJ, or RI. This restriction is based on state legislation, and is not determined by Healthie or Quest Diagnostics. Clients must also be 18 years of age or older to consent to a lab order. Lab orders are not availableThis restriction comes from the physician network that Healthie contracts with. Parents cannot consent on behalf of minors.  

How do I add a client's lab order to their chart in Healthie?

Within the Labs tab, you'll be able to view a lab and download the requisition form as a PDF. You can then upload the PDF into your client's chart. You can also E-Fax this document to other members of your client's care team (with their consent). Learn more

You have the option to add a Custom Metric with the name(s) of the labs that you have requested from a client. In this instance, we recommend creating each lab value as its own custom metric. At this time, it is not possible for lab results received from these PDF reports to be automatically added to a Metric Graph, and we will update this post if that becomes available. 

There are future updates planned to enhance this workflow, enabling you to add a lab directly to a client's chart.

Who reviews the lab orders?

Through Evexia's physician network, the physician that signs off on the lab order will also receive the results and indicate any abnormal values. For non-licensed providers, there is an additional fee if Evexia needs to cover the $15 requisition/doctor fee to sign off on labs. This fee applies to every lab order placed. 

Within Evexia - there‚Äôs a LAB AUTHORIZATION BY STATE (details on who can order in which states, and who needs to use the Evexia licensure in each state which means they will need to pay the $15 requisition fee). 

Licensed providers can bypass this process when placing the lab order. 

How is payment collected for Evexia lab orders? 

When placing the lab order in Evexia, you will have the choice to self-pay for the lab order as a provider (and later collect payment from the client) or have the client be billed for the order via Evexia. 

Evexia does not work with insurance (clients cannot use insurance to pay for services) but clients can use HSA or FSA cards to pay for lab orders. 

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