Add a Contact to a Client's Account to Receive Notifications

When working with family members, you may want to add a family member to a client's account as a contact. This will allow the family member to receive email notifications (such as appointment reminders, payment receipts, Superbills, and more).

Alternatively, if you're working with multiple family members as clients, you may want to link their accounts to indicate relationship. This can be useful when working with both a parent and a child, spouses, etc. While linking family accounts will not impact your workflows or change the access the client's have to each other's accounts, it will allow you as a the provider to be reminded of a family relationship. 

Add an Family Member or Contact 

To add a contact to a client's account in Healthie:

  • Navigate to Clients > Select your client 
  • Click Actions in their profile menu 
  • Under "Client Info" expand the "Family and Contacts" section. 

A side-panel drawer will display with options to: 

  • Document name, email, phone number for an associated contact 
  • Indicate relationship to client 
  • Dictate if the associated contact is an adult or a minor 
  • Set contact as an emergency contact
  • Send contact email notifications related to the client (if this checkbox is enabled, the contact will receive a copy of every email notification that the client receives, such as appointment confirmations, reminders, payment receipts, and more.) 

Note: This contact does not have the ability to log into the Healthie portal (so, they will be unable to view documents, program materials, intake forms, etc). Moreover, they would not be able to log into the web platform or mobile app with their credentials. We are adding this capability in a forthcoming update, and will update this post when this becomes available.  

Remove a Contact 

If you'd like to remove a contact for a client account, you can do so in the settings of the original client account (where you first added the contact) 

  • Client Profile > Actions > Client Info > Family and Contacts
  • Click the [...] next to the contact
  • Select Remove Contact

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