Families & Pediatrics

Healthie's platform makes it easy to work with families and children, including cases in which: 
  • You are working with pediatric clients and need to have access to CDC / WHO growth charts for weight and height
  • A caregiver, parent, or guardian needs to have restricted access and/or receive notifications on behalf of a client you are working with
  • Multiple family members have one single e-mail address

This is useful in instances including pediatrics, nonprofits, nursing homes and elderly care, coordinated care management, and more.


Pediatric Growth Charts available in Healthie

Healthie has the CDC (2-20 years) & WHO (0 - 2 years) pediatric growth charts that you can use within Metrics. This enables you to visually track height and weight growth percentiles over time. 

To enable this: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Entries
  • Check the "Height Growth Chart" and "Weight Growth Chart" boxes 

You are able to enable these on a universal, group, or client-level

Add an additional contact to a client's profile

There are instances in which you would like to notify an individual, in addition to the client that you are working with, about important status updates. These may include appointment confirmations, reminders, and other updates about your work). In this instance, you can add an additional email to receive notifications that Healthie sends on your behalf.

  • For example, if you are working with a pediatric client, you may want both parent and child to receive notifications. 
  • For example, if you are working with an elderly client, you may need a caregiver or guardian to receive notifications. 

To add an associated family member or contact: 

  • Navigate to Clients > Select your client 
  • Click Actions in their profile menu 
  • Under "Client Info" expand the "Family and Contacts" section. 

A side-panel drawer will display with options to: 

  • Document name, email, phone number for an associated contact 
  • Indicate relationship to client 
  • Dictate if the associated contact is an adult or a minor 
  • Set contact as an emergency contact
  • Send contact email notifications related to the client (if this checkbox is enabled, the contact will receive a copy of every email notification that the client receives, such as appointment confirmations, reminders, payment receipts, and more.) 

Note: This contact does not have the ability to log into the Healthie portal (so, they will be unable to view documents, program materials, intake forms, etc). Moreover, they would not be able to log into the web platform or mobile app with their credentials. We are adding this capability in a forthcoming update, and will update this post when this becomes available.  

Work with families / Link Client Accounts

If you work with multiple family members, you are able to link client accounts to indicate a relationship. Family members can either have the same e-mail address, or a different e-mail address. 

If you'd like to associated/link an existing client account with another client account (new or existing) you may do so by navigating to their Client Profile > Actions > Client Info > Family and Contacts > + Link Client Account

You'll see the option to either select an existing client from within your Healthie account, or to add a new client account. 

1) Link an existing client 

Client Profile > Actions > Client Info > Family and Contacts > + Link Client Account > Select Existing Client

Search for and find your client from the list and then click "Select Existing Client" button

You will not be able to modify any details about the existing client (ie. name and email) but you will be able to add the following details: 

  • Client Type: adult or minor 
  • Relationship:
    • Caregiver 
    • Child 
    • Dependent 
    • Family Member 
    • Legal Guardian 
    • Parent 
    • Spouse 
    • Other 
  • Option to make contact an Emergency Contact 
  • Option to send [Client] email notifications related to [Original Client]: this will ensure that any automatic emails that send from the Healthie platform (ie. appointment confirmations, reminders, invoices, etc) will be duplicated and sent to the email address of the linked client. 

Click "Link Client Account" when finished.

2) Link a new client account 

Client Profile > Actions > Client Info > Family and Contacts > + Link Client Account > Select Existing Client > "Add New Client"

Complete the new client's details > Click "Add New Client" 

The option to send the client an Invite Email via Healthie is automatically selected (you may deselect if you prefer). The client will automatically receive a welcome email, inviting them to create a password and log into their Healthie Client Portal. 

Contacts and linked client accounts can be edited at any time. Click the actions tab (three dots) next to the contact, and select the option to "Edit" or "Remove Linked Client Account." This must be done from the client's account that was utilized to initially make the link. 

You'll now see an indicator that an account is linked to another, both from your Client List and from a Client's Profile. Hovering over the "Linked" icon will show the details about who the client account is linked to, and what the relationship is. Learn more. 

If family members are using the same e-mail address: Family members are able to toggle between their Healthie accounts if using the same email address. Learn how clients can Switch Profiles


  • Even when two accounts are linked, payment needs to be saved on a per client level. This is an added layer of protection as part of payment security procedures that we follow. 

Customize the patient portal & notifications for minor 

When working with a minor client, it may be preferred that the client do not see certain features within their account (ie. Billing & Payments) or receive certain notifications (ie. payment notifications). 

This can be customized by adjusting the Client Portal Settings

Navigate to your client's profile > Actions > Settings > Client Portal Settings 

Disabling profile features (ie. View and Pay Bills) will automatically prevent any corresponding notification emails from sending to the client email on file. 

Have a family member pay an invoice for a client

There may be an instance in which you would like a family member to pay an invoice for a client, and this family member may or may not be listed as a notification / linked contact. In this instance, follow these steps to request payment for an invoice by someone else besides the client. 

In some cases, you may need to split a payment between multiple family members, such as in the case of working with a minor. As of right now, you cannot split a payment between two different Healthie accounts, but there are a few ways to workaround this:

  • Create one Healthie account for the caregivers: You can store multiple cards on file, where you can charge one card for one payment and the other for the rest
  • Send two invoices: If you don't have their cards on file, you can create one invoice for one caregiver and the another for the other person paying. 
  • Create two packages: Create two packages of the split payment. You can then email both caregivers the package link.

Add a signature box for parent/guardian on intake form

You are able to add an additional signature field to your form for the parent or guardian in the case you are working with a minor and need a signature from a legal adult.

  • Navigate to Forms > Form Builder > select your form
  • From the Question Bank drop-down on the upper left menu bar, choose Agreement.
  • Drag and drop the Signature field to your form.
  • You can edit the Signature box, to say parent or guardian signature.

You can read more on building E-signature forms here

Scheduling group appointments for families

In certain cases, you may need to schedule group appointments for families who have multiple accounts.  At this time, each family member would be required to purchase a session or package and sign up for the group session individually, or you can manually add them to the appointment. 

Fullscript with Family and Linked Accounts

If you are interested in leveraging the Fullscript integration with a Family account, please note that you can have one fullscript account per email address. If you have a family account within Healthie, we recommend reaching out to Fullscript support to confirm that you are linking the correct Healthie family account e-mail address with your Fullscript account. 

Forthcoming updates to family support 

Additional planned releases include the ability to: 

  • Give someone certain access to an account that they’re linked to, such as for a parent to handle billing for a child’s account
  • Restrict someone’s access to certain features within their own account, such as a child not seeing anything related to billing within their account

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