Families & Pediatrics: Unique settings and features in Healthie

Healthie has several features that make it easy to work with families and children. 


Pediatric Growth Charts available in Healthie

Healthie has the CDC (2-20 years) & WHO (0 - 2 years) pediatric growth charts that you can use within Metrics. This enables you to visually track height and weight growth percentiles over time. 

To enable this: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Entries
  • Please check the "Height Growth Chart" and "Weight Growth Chart" boxes 

You are able to enable these on a universal, group, or client-level

Setting a notification contact for a parent / guardian

There are instances in which you would like the notification e-mail (to which appointment confirmations, reminders, and other updates about your work) need to be sent to a separate e-mail than the client's log in e-mail address. 

For example, if working with a pediatric client, you may want both parent and child to receive notifications. In this instance, you can add an additional email to receive notifications that Healthie sends on your behalf.

To set up a notification Contact:

  • Navigate to Client > Actions > Notification Contacts 

A Notification Contact receives e-mails pertaining to upcoming appointments, reminders, and other e-mails received from Healthie. This contact does not have the ability to log into the Healthie portal, nor will they receive push notifications to their e-mail address.

Working with families within one account

You can work with multiple family members within your Healthie account. Family members can have either the same e-mail address, or different e-mail addresses.

Healthie does not currently have the ability to link / tag client accounts to indicate that they are part of a family, though this is a forthcoming feature in 2020. We will update this post when this becomes available.

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