Working with Families & Children in Healthie

Healthie is designed to be customizable and flexible when working across specialties and patient populations. Healthie can be used by providers working in pediatrics, nonprofits, nursing homes and elderly care, coordinated care management, and more.

Ways to Work with Families in Healthie 

Healthie's platform makes it easy to work with families and children, including cases in which: 

If you work with children, we suggest that you review our Pediatric Workflows article, to better understand how you can leverage Healthie to streamline your workflows when it comes to working with minors and their family members. 

Add a Contact to a Client's Account to Receive Notifications

There are instances in which you would like to notify an individual, in addition to the client that you are working with, about important status updates. These may include appointment confirmations, reminders, copies of Superbills, and other updates. In this instance, you can add an additional email to receive notifications that Healthie sends on your behalf.

  • For example, if you are working with a pediatric client, you may want both parent and child to receive notifications. 
  • For example, if you are working with an elderly client, you may need a caregiver or guardian to receive notifications. 

Learn how to add a contact to a client account

Link Client Accounts to Indicate Relationship

If you work with multiple family members, you are able to link client accounts to indicate a relationship. 

Learn how to link client accounts

Add Portal Access for Linked Client Accounts for Family/Caregiver Support

Note: The capability to add client portal access for linked client accounts is currently available upon request for Healthie Plus Plans and above. You can get access to this feature by reaching out to Healthie Technical Support at, and asking for access to this feature.

Additionally, feel free to share your thoughts on this feature and how it could benefit your business via Productboard. We'll reach out to you directly as we roll out this feature to more customers. Please subscribe to our Portal Card for updates.

Healthie now offers the ability for users to grant linked account access to another user’s account. Before this capability, linked client accounts could receive a copy of email notifications, but there was no ability to access the linked account. This new capability provides such access.

A primary use case for this new capability is a caregiver having an account that is linked to a care receiver, such as a parent being linked to a child. A parent could access their child's account to pay a bill, fill out a form, or take care of another workflow.

As part of using this feature, providers should acknowledge that the linked user will have full access to the client’s account, which could potentially include sensitive personal information, and that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance with any regulatory and organizational requirements.

You will now see a separate  Client Portal Access section appear below  Client Information. Checking this box will allow you to provide this linked client account (caregiver) with the ability to have full personal access to the original client (care receiver) account.
Once you click on " Link Client Account," the linked Client (caregiver) will receive an invite email with a link to access the original Client's (care receiver's) account.

The linked Client (caregiver) will receive the following two emails to both "Accept Invite" for linking accounts and notification that depending on how this linking was set up, the linked Client (caregiver) may receive email notifications related to the original Client's (care receiver) account.

If the linked Client has access to the original Client (care receiver's) account, you would see a "Switch Account" option when the linked Client is logged in to their own account.

Indicate an Emergency Contact for a Client

Follow the steps to  add a contact to a client account. When adding a contact, check the box to indicate they should be an emergency contact. 

Within the client's profile > Client Info > Family and Contacts, the provider will see an indicator of any contacts that are designated as emergency contacts

Customize the Client Portal & Notifications for a Minor 

When working with a minor client, it may be preferred that the client do not see certain features within their account (ie. Billing & Payments) or receive certain notifications (ie. payment notifications). 

This can be customized by adjusting the Client Portal Settings for their account. 

Navigate to your client's profile > Actions > Settings > Client Portal Settings 

Disabling profile features (ie. View and Pay Bills) will automatically prevent any corresponding notification emails from sending to the client email on file. 

Note: If you've added a contact or linked a family member and indicated that you'd like them to receive email notifications on behalf of the client, they will only receive notifications that the client also receives. So if a minor's account is disabled from receiving payment notifications, the contact will also not receive these related emails.  

Alternatively, you can collect payments from family members, send an invoice to a family member, or send a PDF version of a Superbill as needed. 

Scheduling Group Appointments for Families

In certain cases, you may need to schedule group appointments for families who have multiple accounts. If each family member is an active client within Healthie (ie. you're working with a couple, and you've create a client account for both). You'll need to create a group appointment type in your calendar settings. You can then manually add session to your calendar, and add your clients to the appointment. 

Note: It is not possible to share a credit card across family profiles, you will need to enter the credit card on file for each family member's account.

If you'd like to set up a group video call for a couple, or for several family members, follow the steps outlined here

Note: Group video calls is available on our Plus Plan and above, and is hosted through HIPAA-compliant Zoom

Fullscript with Family and Linked Accounts

If you are interested in leveraging the Fullscript integration with a Family account, please note that you can have one fullscript account per email address. If you have a family account within Healthie, we recommend reaching out to Fullscript support to confirm that you are linking the correct Healthie family account e-mail address with your Fullscript account. 

Forthcoming Updates to Family Support 

Additional planned releases include the ability to: 

  • Have more granular access controls for linked client accounts - for example, the ability to only give a connected account access to billing
  • Improvements to linking flow to make it clearer which client account is being linked
  • Additional options around what kind of client account is being linked
  • Restrict someone’s access to certain features within their own account, such as a child not seeing anything related to billing within their account
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