Adding or Removing Main Navigation Links

As part of Healthie's web white-label and mobile white-label products, you can customize the main navigation bar within your Healthie dashboard. This can be done for both providers and clients portals. 

  • Add or remove URL links on the main navigation bar 
    • Link to other software tools that clinicians or clients use
    • Remove features that you do not use on the sidebar
  • Ability to add custom sidebar links with iFrame
    •  Add iFrame within Healthie portal (will be on own page, not within an existing Healthie page)

If you are interested in enabling this functionality for your account and want to learn more, please reach out to 

Add Link(s) to Your Navigation Bar

By adding custom URLs and icons, you can tailor your clients' experience by adding more links to specific sites that your clients access, in addition to the Healthie platform. 

Please note that a custom link cannot be dynamic - it must be a static URL. For instance, we cannot inject a Healthie user ID or any other resource ID into the URL.

Examples of this may include:

  • A link to your Organization's home page
  • A link to your Organization's FAQ guide or support site
  • A partner's landing page (e.g., advanced labs, products to purchase, etc).

There is no limit to the number of items you can add to the side navigation bar, though we recommend thinking about the UX and whether you'd want users to scroll on the sidebar with too many URLs on the side. 

Below you'll find an example of a navigation bar that has been customized to add a custom navigation links for: Assessments & Labs, Website, and Support. 

Enable Custom Navigation Link(s)

If you are interested in adding or removing URLs in your client-side navigation bar, e-mail with the subject line "Custom URL" and we will help you get this set up. 

Please include in your email the Name for your Custom URL as you would like it to display (e.g., Labs), and the URL that it should connect to. Healthie has a library of icons that you can select from, and we will coordinate with you to identify the appropriate icon. 

Available icon can be accessed here:

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