Tags Manager Page

Healthie enables the option to add tags to client and team members within the platform. 

Client Tags offer an additional way (beyond Client Groups) to assign particular attributes to clients and automate specific actions based on Tags that have been established. While clients can only be assigned to one group, clients can have an unlimited number of tags. 

Team Member Tags enable account admins to categorize team members based on attributes, such as profession, location, and specialty. 

Both Client Tags and Team Member Tags can be managed from the Tags Manager page. All collective tags can be viewed, renamed, or deleted from this centralized location.

Access Tags Manager 

Team admins, or those with permissions, can navigate to Settings > Tags 


From this view, team members with permissions are able to: 

  • View all tags 
  • See how many times the tag has been applied to clients 
  • See which team member added the tag 
  • Rename or Delete the tag

Rename or Delete a Tag 

Manage all account tags from the Tags Manager page
Click the [...] next to a tag to Delete or Rename the tag.

"Org Members" Column 

For organizations that leverage team member tags, the Tags Manager page contains a column for "Org members." 

The "Org Members" column should appear the number of org members who currently have the tag. This column is sortable based on the number of tags (sort by most to least, or least to most). 

It is not currently possible to click to see which team members have the tag assigned from this view, only the aggregate total. 

Forthcoming Updates

Future planned updates will enable organizations to use automations that leverage team member (and client) tags.  

Additionally, account admins will be able to adjust team member permissions to indicate which members should have the ability to manage tags. 

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