PHQ-9 Auto-Scored Form

The 9-question Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) is a diagnostic tool introduced in 2001 to screen adult patients in a primary care setting for the presence and severity of depression. It rates depression based on the self-administered Patient Health Questionnaire.

Healthie's Forms Library includes several forms for Behavioral Health practitioners, including a version of the PHQ-9 that is automatically available at no cost, to all members. 

Providers can request clients to complete this form, or add it to an intake flow for client onboarding. 

This form will auto-score, making it easy for providers to collect completed forms, and also assess results. 

Locate the PHQ-9 Form

Navigate to Forms >  Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) 

Click to open and view the form. 

Note: Edits can be made to the form - however, this form is designed to auto-score. Changing the multiple choice options for questions 1-7 can impact the auto-score functionality. We recommend only updated the sections of the form related to general client information (ie date, name, etc). 

As part of your workflow, you can request a client (or group of clients) complete this form from this view. 

Learn more on how to request a client complete a form, or to add it to an intake flow

View Client PHQ-9 Results

Once a client has completed this form, the results can be viewed within their Client Profile. 

Clients Profile > Charting > View Client Forms 

Search and locate the form in the list of client forms > PHQ-9

Click VIEW to see results.

A PDF version of the completed client form can be generated as needed. 

This form auto-scores the results for you, which are visible at the bottom of the form. 

View All Client Results 

An export of all completed form responses can be generated as a CSV file. 

Learn more: Download a Report of Form Responses

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