Creating an intake flow for clients to complete

Once you have built your intake forms, or our team has built them on your behalf, you will need to add them to your "Intake flow" for clients to receive them, and complete them online.

Step 1: Forms > Intake Flow>Create intake flow

Give your intake flow a name and select which group you'd like to be part of this intake process. 

Tip: If you only have 1 group of clients, you only need 1 Intake Flow. You can  name this group Default. If you work with multiple groups of clients (i.e.: adult and pediatric clients), you may wish to create two different Intake Flows to accommodate these different client populations. You can name each respective Intake Flow Adult Clients and Pediatric Clients.

Step 2: A Welcome message is automatically added to your Intake Flow. Click View to edit message or Delete to erase this message. 

Step 3: To add relevant form to your intake flow, click the three dots next to the intake flow and select "manage".

Click "add a form to the intake flow" This will show a) Forms available to all providers by default and b) any custom forms that you've built. 

Click on the form you wish to add to your Intake Flow. You can also make some forms skippable. Then click Add. The form will automatically be added to your intake flow. 

You may drag-and-drop the forms to the order you want your clients to complete them.

To Preview your Intake Flow, click Preview.

When you add a client to Healthie, they will  automatically receive the appropriate forms according to which group you add them.


  • If you have multiple groups of clients, you can add them all to one intake flow. 
  • By adding a group under Intake Flows you are creating a new group of clients. By creating a new group under the Clients tab, you are not automatically creating a new Intake Flow.
  • You can remove forms from an existing intake flow at any time, by clicking into the form and pressing "Delete" - this will not delete forms that have already been sent to clients, or that clients have already started completing.