Request or Remind Client to Complete a Form

Healthie allows clients to fill out your paperwork electronically, which keeps information organized and conveniently in one place. This article walks through how you can request that an existing client complete a new form, and how to send a reminder for a client to fill out the form.

 If you have not done so already, you'll want to build and customize your intake forms


Requesting Forms: Overview

There may be instances in which you'd like to send your clients additional forms to complete, for example: 

  • You want a client to fill out a specific form, on an ad-hoc basis
  • You want to send your clients a reminder to complete an intake form that they have not yet completed.  

The steps in this article will direct you on how to request a client complete an ad-hoc form one time, and also to send a reminder to complete the form if needed. 

Alternatively, form requests can be automated, and tied to different triggers. We suggest reviewing the following article to ensure that an automated workflow won't better serve your business needs. 

Learn more here: Have Clients Complete a Form

Send a Form Request to a Client

Navigate to Client's Profile > Forms > Request Form Completion

Choose the form that you'd like your client to complete. 

Your client will receive an e-mail / in-app notification with your form completion request. 

Send a Reminder to Complete a Form

Navigate to Client's Profile > Charting > View Client Forms 

You'll notice the status for all forms (Complete, Incomplete, Not Started). 

Click the [...] next to a form and select Send Reminder

From this modal, you can optionally  Send a New Request your client will be prompted to fill out a new version of this form. 

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