Request that an existing client complete a form

When working with clients, they receive notifications to complete any intake paperwork, or forms, that you share with them. While utilizing electronic paperwork helps make things organized and convenient, you may still find that some clients have not yet completed the necessary forms you’ve sent. Or, you may want a client to complete an form outside of those you may have included as part of your Intake flow. For example, you'd like a client to fill out a form prior to a follow-up session, to check in on progress.

You can do this via Healthie through the feature "Request Form Completion" - This article walks through:

  • How to request that an existing client complete a form
  • What clients receive when you request form completion 

How to request that an existing client complete a form

You can send a form completion reminder by going to the “Charting” tab in your client’s profile. 

From here, there are 2 ways that you can send a Complete Form Reminder: 

  1. Navigate to > Client's Intake Paperwork. You'll see all of the forms included within your client's intake flow. Ones that have not been completed will display a red button reading "Not Completed." Clicking on this button will display some options, one of which you'll see is "Send Reminder." 
  2. If your form is not included in the intake flow, then navigate to > Request Form Completion under the charting options. Here you will see a list of all of your current created forms within Healthie. Simply click  "Send Complete Request Email" 

Whichever option you choose, after clicking “Send Reminder,” you'll see a green banner display on your Healthie account verifying that an email has been sent. 

What clients receive when you request form completion

Clients will receive an e-mail indicating that you'd like them to complete a form. When they press on the button in the email, the form will open in their Healthie account. Moreover, the next time they log into their web portal, they will be prompted to complete this form. They will not be prompted to complete this form within the mobile app. 

Send another completion reminder, or resend form

If you have already sent a reminder to a client, and attempt to send a reminder again, you'll see this pop-up appear on your screen. In most cases, you’ll likely choose “Send a Reminder.” However, if there is a recurring form that you’d like your client to complete, you can choose “Send New Request.” This will allow your client to receive a blank copy of the form which they can fill out again (ie. in the case of a weekly update form you’d like to receive back).